Vacation from Me (1952)

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Original title Vacation from me
Vacation from me 1952 Logo 001.svg
Country of production Federal Republic of Germany
original language German
Publishing year 1952
length 101 minutes
Director Hans Deppe
script Peter Francke
production HD Film GmbH, Berlin
(Hans Deppe)
music Marc Roland
camera Willy Winterstein
cut Walter Wischniewsky

Ferien vom Ich is a German comedy film by Hans Deppe from 1952 . The film based on motifs from the novel of the same name by Paul Keller was premiered on November 11, 1952 in the Capitol in Göttingen . The leading roles are cast with Rudolf Prack and Marianne Hold , leading roles with Willy Fritsch , Grethe Weiser , Paul Henckels , Oskar Sima , Hannelore Bollmann and Gunnar Möller .

Further film adaptations of the material are from 1934 (directed by Hans Deppe) and 1963 (directed by Hans Grimm ).


The American billionaire George B. Stefenson travels Europe on business, where he suffers a heart attack due to the high workload. The summoned doctor, Dr. Hartung urgently advises him to take a three-month break, that is, to take “vacation from me”. After some hesitation, Stefenson agrees and also agrees to finance the project, since such an institution that offers this only exists as a dream in the doctor's head. As part of the “Vacation from Me”, all participants receive a new first name and work clothes so that they do not have to reveal their true existence to any of the other roommates.

For this reason, Stefenson acquires the run-down Gut Schloss Dornberg from the young Eva von Dornberg, who continues to act as economic director, while Dr. Hartung takes over the medical management.

Stefenson himself takes part in country life as Walter and over time falls in love with Eva von Dornberg, who like all the other residents (with the exception of the doctor and the castellan) has no idea who is actually hiding behind Walter. Shortly before the happy ending, Stefenson is told through a mean intrigue that Eva knows very well who he really is. Disappointed, he wants to leave head over heels. However, by a lucky coincidence, the intrigue is uncovered and Stefenson returns to Eva.

Production, publication

The shooting took place from August 12, 1952 at Kerßenbrockschen Schloss, Gut Wierborn and in the Feldmark in and around Barntrup . The interior shots were shot in the Göttingen film studio. The responsible film architect was Ernst H. Albrecht . Wilhelm Gernhardt and Hans Speer acted as production managers. The working title of the film was: At the fountain in front of the gate .

Songs in the film: Wanderlied and Abendlied (music: Marc Roland ; texts: Peter Francke )

Ferien vom Ich was previously filmed in 1934 and then again in 1963 .

After publication in the Federal Republic of Germany on November 11, 1952, it was published in the USA in 1954 and on February 29, 1960 in Denmark under the title Solskinsdalen .


The lexicon of international films describes the film adaptation as an "emotional, largely unobtrusive film adaptation of a novel, whereby lyrical, cheerful notes of the original are still noticeable".

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