Son without a home

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Original title Son without a home
Country of production Federal Republic of Germany
original language German
Publishing year 1955
length 88 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Hans Deppe
script Tibor Yost ,
Hilde Keller ,
Eva Blomberg
production Hans Deppe,
Wilhelm Gernhardt
music Alois Melichar
camera Werner M. Lenz
cut Johanna Meisel

Son without a home is a German homeland film by Hans Deppe based on Paul Keller's novel Der Sohn der Hagar, which was released in 1955 . It was produced in color . The main roles are cast with Werner Krauss , Elisabeth Flickenschildt , Eva Probst and Paul Bösiger .


Wilhelm and Anna Hartmann have a respectable farm and together run an inn in the small village of Teichau. The bossy wife reminds her husband that he wanted to draw up a will in favor of her son Berthold Müller. Berthold comes from her first marriage. Hartmann reassures her that his stepson will inherit the farm, whoever else. At the fair in Teichau there are also four musicians who are on the move. Robert Winter-Hellmich is one of them. Gottlieb Peukert, a friend of Wilhelm Hartmann and a servant with the Hartmanns, Robert's resemblance to his mother is immediately noticeable. When Robert later gave his name during a visit to the Hartmann restaurant, it confirmed his suspicion. Gottlieb Peukert was in love with Martha Hellmich, Robert's mother, 25 years ago, and would have done anything for her. But she loved Wilhelm Hartmann. When she was pregnant by him, the wealthy widow Anna Hartmann made sure that the maid Martha was chased from the farm. She wanted Wilhelm to herself, even though she knew that he loved someone who was also pregnant. And Wilhelm was too weak to assert himself. Gottlieb speaks to Wilhelm Hartmann and urges him to make up for what he had neglected to do with his mother.

The Hartmann couple also have a daughter, Christel, a very lovable, kind-hearted young woman. She knows very quickly that Robert is her half-brother and encourages her father to speak to Robert. Christel loves the village doctor, Dr. Friedlieb. Friedlieb also loves the young woman, but has so far not been able to bring himself to propose to her because he is twenty years older than her. When he gets caught up in a misunderstanding about the relationship between Christel and Robert, he takes heart and speaks openly to Christel. She just says that she doesn't care that he is 20 years older, and he happily embraces her.

Friedlieb, who has a very big heart, was also the one who first approached Robert and learned from him that he had been in prison for three years; it was about the honor of his mother, who had been defended by him. Wilhelm Hartmann offers Robert a job on his farm and discreetly questions him a little. The parentless Lore Hartmann, a niece of Wilhelm, also lives and works in the Hartmann's house. She and Berthold Müller, Anna's son from her first marriage, are in love with each other and sleep together after the fair. At Anna Hartmann's request, Berthold is supposed to marry Selma Fischer, the daughter of a wealthy brewery owner. Because of further training, Berthold has to leave the village for a long time, but tells Lore when they say goodbye on the platform that she shouldn't forget him and what had happened between them. When Berthold is gone, Robert woos Lore, with whom he has seriously fallen in love.

The old Hellmich couple, who are still suffering from their daughter's sudden departure and still don't know what happened to her, also live in Teichau. Mother Hellmich still hopes that the daughter will come back. A conversation with Robert makes it clear to Wilhelm Hartmann what he thinks of “his father”. When asked, he let him know that "he doesn't exist for him and he doesn't even want to talk about him." Lore, who is pregnant, receives a letter from Berthold, whom she asked for help, and only reads Find out he's abandoning her. When, on Robert's advice, she wants to talk to her aunt about her pregnancy and reveals to her that Berthold is the father of her child, she has to put up with humiliating words and is then expelled from the house by the aunt. Robert and Peukert can barely stop the desperate young woman from harming themselves. Peukert places Lore with the helpful Hellmich couple. Robert confronts Berthold Müller. He promises Robert to finally talk to his mother, but falls over again during this conversation and lets Lore down. When Wilhelm Hartmann realizes that history threatens to repeat itself and that his wife wants to chase away a young pregnant woman again and that his stepson is as cowardly as he was back then, he changes his will in favor of Robert. The young man now knows that the Hellmichs in the village are his grandparents and learned his father's name from them. He wants to know from Hartmann why he kept the truth from him and preferred to let him work as a servant in his own father's house. Hartmann wants to show him the will that has been changed in his favor, which is now in the hands of Anna Hartmann. The man with heart disease gets so upset about it that he collapses. Christel Hartmann can get her half-brother to come to the bed of the dying father who wants to see him again. Wilhelm Hartmann puts the will into Robert's hand and dies.

A few days later, Robert announced that he would forego the inheritance in favor of the Hartmann family, but his condition was that Berthold Lore married. Anna Hartmann then says that she will leave this house today. Berthold promises Robert in hand that nothing can stop him from marrying Lore, whom he loves. Robert says that he will go as he came. He leaves the small village with his three musician colleagues.


The shooting took place in July 1955 in Bad Kissingen and the Bavaria Film Studios. The production company was H. D. Film GmbH, Berlin. The film premiered on October 27, 1955 in Europa in Düsseldorf .

There is another film adaptation from 1927 directed by Fritz Wendhausen with Mady Christians , Max Schreck and others.

The film has so far only been released on a video cassette (VHS) from Studicanal (August 1, 1988).

Differences from the book

In the book, Lore ends up loving Robert. At the village festival, she gets involved with a postal assistant from the city and not with Berthold, Anna Hartmann's son. Wilhelm Hartmann also does not die in the book, but suffers a stroke and ailing, whereupon Anna Hartmann and her son Berthold Robert (who is described as stupid in the book) make life hell. Nor does Robert leave Teichau with his musician friends. These have gone long before. When he tries to rejoin them, he does not succeed because he is full of strife and hatred. When he learns that he is suffering from an advanced incurable lung disease, he wants to speak to Lore one last time and painfully realizes that she loved him, not her husband. With this consciousness ready to forgive, he wants to go back to Teichau, but is already so weakened that he, like his mother, is bleeding to death in a field.


"Undemanding Heimatfilm."

"Heimatdrama [...] with Elisabeth Flickenschildt, Werner Krauss and many reasons to blow your nose in your handkerchief."

“Son without a home is a touching homeland film based on the novel 'The Son of [sic] Hagar' by Paul Keller. With Werner Krauss and Elisabeth Flickenschildt as the old innkeeper couple, director Hans Deppe cast two famous character actors of that time. "


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