Murphy's Law (film)

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German title Murphys Law
Original title Murphy's Law
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1986
length 100 minutes
Age rating FSK 18
Director J. Lee Thompson
script Gail Morgan Hickman
production Cannon Films
music Marc Donahue
Valentine McCallum
camera Álex Phillips junior
cut Peter Lee-Thompson
Charles Simmons

Murphy's Law (Original title: Murphy's Law ) is an American feature film from 1986, which was directed by J. Lee Thompson from a screenplay by Gail Morgan Hickman. The production company Cannon Films produced the film. In terms of content, it can be assigned to the Thriller category. The main roles are played by Charles Bronson and Kathleen Wilhoite . Carrie Snodgress , Robert F. Lyons and Richard Romanus star in supporting roles.


Los Angeles: Jack Murphy, a die-hard and grumpy LAPD cop , is frustrated. His career has stopped developing and his ex-wife is now working as a stripper, which he occasionally argues with her publicly about. Murphy drowns his grief in alcohol . When his car is stolen from him, he meets the young Arabella McGee. When his ex-wife and new boyfriend are murdered, Murphy is quickly suspected and arrested. He manages to flee together with Arabella, who also happens to be incarcerated. A retired colleague and a district attorney are murdered and the fugitive Murphy is suspected again.

Murphy wants to chase the killer, first suspects the Mafioso Vincenzo and mistreats him. When the latter insists on his innocence, Murphy turns to a colleague from the Police Department whom he trusts to find out who is targeting him. Joan Freeman, who was recently released from prison, is quickly suspected. Murphy, the murdered colleague and the prosecutor put her behind bars many years ago, for which she is now taking revenge.

Shortly afterwards, Freeman, who previously killed her probation officer, kidnaps Arabella and informs Murphy where she can be found: where he was arrested at the time - in the Bradbury Building . Murphy sets off and calls a colleague at his police station, but realizes that he is in the service of Mafioso Vincenzo and wants to arrest him in the building. The colleague is fatally hit by a crossbow arrow Freemans. Now Vincenzo and his men storm into the office building. It comes to a showdown in which Murphy kills all opponents, including Freeman, and saves Arabella. Both find themselves shot in the ambulance and smile about the time together.


On the Internet Movie Database has Murphy's Law an average rating of 6.0.

The review by wrote: “Professionally staged, very exciting police film interspersed with humorous passages with thriller elements (murders of the psychopath). The best work by Charles Bronson and director J. Lee Thompson since "Judgment Day". The chemistry between the cop mocked by colleagues, who has to prove his innocence and regains his self-respect, and the thief with the "Kodderschnauze" is right. The finale in the Bradbury Building in Los Angeles (parts of "Blade Runner") is one of the most exciting sequences of the genre. "

On Martin Zopick wrote that only the "brash" sayings of the leading actress would distinguish the film from other Charles Bronson films.

Cinema saw a "somewhat unmotivated brutal flick" in the film and summed it up: "Hunting with a trace of blood and lead."

The lexicon of international films said: “Professionally staged, exciting and sometimes humorous mixture of police film and thriller, which thrives on the contrast of an unequal couple. Despite some hardships and the relatively misogynistic drawing of a psychopathic murderess, overall passable. "


The film cost 8 million dollars and played around 10 million again.

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