Quatermain - In search of the treasure of the kings

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German title Quatermain - In search of the treasure of the kings
Original title King Solomon's Mines
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1985
length 100 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director J. Lee Thompson
script Gene Quintano
James R. Silke
production Menahem Golan
Yoram Globe
music Jerry Goldsmith
camera Alex Phillips Jr.
cut John Shirley

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Quatermain II - In search of the mysterious city

Quatermain is an American feature film directed by J. Lee Thompson , shot in the USA in 1985 . It is based on the novel King Solomon's Treasury (original title: King Solomon's Mines ) by Sir Henry Rider Haggard , published for the first time a hundred years earlier . The film was produced by the film production company Cannon Films .


Africa , 1913. The adventurer Allan Quatermain, an expert familiar with the tribes, customs and rites of the black continent, lives in a colonial territory in which the Germans enjoy great influence. One day he receives a visit from the pretty American girl Jessie Huston. This wants to get Quatermain to look for her father. Before he disappeared, Professor Huston was looking for a mine to hide King Solomon's diamonds . Quatermain finally agrees. Together with his friend, the Kukuwana warrior Umbopo, the trio set off.

Quatermain soon notices that they are being followed. The spies were sent by Allan's archenemy Dogati, an oriental human trafficker who is also out to hide the gems and has made a pact with German Colonel Bockner for this purpose. Bockner also kidnapped Professor Huston in order to elicit details about the location of the Salomon mine. Jessie and Allan manage to free the professor from Bockner's captivity in his military train, but too late: Jessie's father has meanwhile described the way to the mine for Bockner and Dogati.

A race against the villains begins, which the Quatermain group wins after skirmishes with lions , tribal warriors and Bockner's soldiers. When Allan and Jessie finally reach the mine, which is secured with deadly traps and monsters, Dogati and Bockner are also there. They finally manage to turn them off and leave the mine, which ultimately collapses, alive - the diamonds are out of reach and safe for all time. Jessie and Allan become a couple - and give each other a stolen diamond from the mine.



"Speculative, neocolonialist jungle adventure based on Henry Rider Haggard's novel 'King Solomon's Diamonds', which was filmed in a more captivating manner under this title in 1937 and 1950."

- Adolf Heinzlmeier , Berndt Schulz

"The Xth remake based on the fantasy classic by H. Rider Haggard is not only the most boring, but also the most sloppy staged: racist too."

- The worst movies ever

"[S] sloppily staged and full of racist allusions."


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