Reckoning Day (1975)

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German title The day of reckoning
Original title St. Ives
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1975
length 94 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director J. Lee Thompson
script Barry Beckerman
production Pancho Kohner
Stanley S. Canter
music Lalo Schifrin
camera Lucien Ballard
cut Michael F. Anderson

The day of reckoning (original title: St. Ives ) is an American crime film from 1975 based on the novel The Procane Chronicle by Ross Thomas . Directed by J. Lee Thompson . The main role is played by Charles Bronson , with Jacqueline Bisset and John Houseman playing at his side.


Raymond St. Ives, a detective novel writer and former police reporter, is grappling with financial worries due to a lack of literary success. For this reason, a $ 10,000 order that he receives from multimillionaire Abner Procane comes in very handy. Five diaries were stolen from his safe. Raymond's job now is to deliver the ransom to the thieves. The meeting point for the handover is a laundromat, but Raymond finds a body there. In the following, St. Ives becomes more and more involved in the orders and deaths of those involved in the theft. Nevertheless, he manages to get the upper hand and get the stolen diaries back, but four pages are missing. It turns out that the diaries contain plans for Procane's next heist. Procane decides to carry out his coup despite the missing sides. St. Ives, who senses the great opportunity of his life, is part of the party.


"A somewhat constructed, but largely exciting crime thriller with a pinch of humor, which takes up" classic "genre patterns quite skillfully, but does not achieve much individuality."


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