The white in the eye

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German title The white in the eye
Original title Death Wish 4: The Crackdown
Logo death wish 4 de.png
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1987
length 99 minutes
Age rating FSK 18
Director J. Lee Thompson
script Gail Morgan Hickman
production Menahem Golan
Yoram Globe
music John Bisharat
Paul McCallum
Valentine McCallum
camera Gideon Porath
cut Peter Lee-Thompson

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Death Wish III - The Avenger of New York

The Crackdown is an American feature film of the genre thriller from the year 1987 by J. Lee Thompson . The film represents the fourth part of the Death Wish series and was produced by Cannon Films .


For some time now, Paul Kersey has been living with his friend Karen Sheldon and their daughter Erica again in normal circumstances and in his own architectural office. But he is plagued by nightmares in which he is up to mischief as an avenger. One evening when Erica and her boyfriend went to the nearest disco, she took too high a dose of a drug that made her die. Your friend wants to confront the dealer. But when he is killed by him, there is a chase with Kersey, who has shadowed the boy and kills the dealer. The next day, Kersey receives a message from millionaire Nathan White. White tells him that his child also died of an overdose and that he wants to support him financially to bring down those who were behind it. Kersey receives material about the drug lord Zacharias and assaults him through various assassinations. Zacharias believes that the Romeros' competition is behind it and it almost leads to a feud. But Kersey is also attacking the other side. Meanwhile, Detective Reiner is also on his trail. Little did he suspect that his colleague Nozaki is being paid by Zacharias. Only Kersey finds out about it and kills Nozaki in self-defense. Meanwhile, Karen, a journalist by profession, is trying to find her daughter's killer in her own way by bribery. After Kersey sabotaged the reconciliation meeting of Zacharias and Romero in an oil field, he is said to be surprisingly eliminated. When he knocks at White, he finds that he has been used all the time and that a third drug lord, posing as White, is about to take over the market. In the meantime, this kidnapped Karen with a trick and blackmailed Kersey. Kersey finds him on a roller skating rink and a showdown ensues. White manages to escape with Karen, but Kersey puts him in a park. When Karen tries to escape, White shoots her. Kersey kills him with his M16 grenade launcher . Reiner approaches Kersey and tells him to stand, but Kersey just goes his way.


"A technically experienced, reasonably cheap series product that only reaches an above-average level in its brutality."

“If you are allergic to politically questionable vigilante fantasies, you should spare your nerves and avoid" Death Wish 4 ". Those who like it rough and dirty, on the other hand, will be served with a nasty action quickie of the somewhat stiff hips, but towards the end with unexpected consistency. "

- Robert Cherkowski, film starts



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