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The word curator comes from the Latin word curator (“nurse”, “representative” or “guardian”) and from curare (“care”, “take care of”). The related word board of trustees (a board of trustees is a member of a board of trustees) can also refer to a supervisory authority , a board of directors , a university council or ( generally ) a board of trustees .


  • In museum operations, the person responsible for a collection or exhibition is called a curator .
  • In the film sector, one speaks of the film curator. He is responsible for the artistic compilation of demanding film programs on specific topics. Most of these are presented at film festivals.
  • In contemporary art, a freelance curator is an exhibition maker who organizes exhibitions (art association, biennials , documenta ) outside of a scientific collection .
  • In foundation bodies, the tasks of the curators range in various forms from purely advisory activities, for example for the board of directors or management, to approving the foundation's budget, monitoring the foundation's activities and electing the board of directors or management.
  • In higher education law , a curator is the representative of the minister on site at universities; Such “curatorial constitutions” are no longer common in universities today.
  • The administrator of a zoo is also called a curator . He has a say in new animal purchases. In the case of animal sales, he decides in which zoo the animal should be housed ( EEP ); he manages the finances and decides to what extent treatment of a sick animal is appropriate.
  • In the Evangelical Church AB in Austria, the curator and the pastor represent the parish externally. He is a member of the presbytery and is elected by it.
  • Curator rei publicae , extraordinary public official in the Roman Empire
  • In journalism , the term curator describes journalists who classify articles according to relevance and recommend them to others , especially via social networks .

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