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Example of a foundation with three foundation bodies: a board (orange) manages the business and represents the foundation externally and internally, an administrative board (blue) controls the board, and a board of trustees (green) advises the board.

A foundation organ is an organ of a foundation to which certain tasks are assigned by the foundation's statutes (or statutes) and through which the foundation becomes capable of acting. Foundation bodies must always be made up of at least one person ( individual body ), but can also be made up of several people as a collegiate body . The members of the organs are appointed and can resign or be dismissed.


Foundation bodies act as trustees of the founder's will as set out in the foundation business and the foundation statutes as well as the foundation's assets . As a rule, the members of foundation bodies meet several times a year to pass verbal resolutions in accordance with the statutes . Often it is also possible to make these resolutions in writing or in text form . For a decision to be effective, it is not absolutely necessary that all members of a body participate. Biased board members can be excluded from the resolution.

The organs should ensure sustainable profitability and at the same time ensure that the foundation's administrative costs are as low as possible.

The rights and obligations of the foundation bodies are described in the foundation's statutes; they can also issue rules of procedure . Foundation bodies can in principle make mistakes for which they are liable, and therefore they usually take out property damage liability insurance to protect the foundation's assets . If there is suspicion of misconduct , foundation bodies can become the object of white-collar criminal investigations, particularly in the case of foundations recognized as charitable under the tax code .


Foundations with legal capacity have at least one body that is a legally prescribed decision-making body. In Germany this is the board that the foundation internally and externally, for example in relation to the supervision of foundations , the tax authorities , the Destinäre or financial service represents. In Austria the term managing director and in Liechtenstein the term foundation board is also used.

Depending on the foundation statutes, there may be another body that supervises the board. This has, for example, the designation foundation board , administrative board, control board , protector or supervisory board .

In addition, organs of the foundation can take on advisory tasks, such as a board of trustees or a curator , an advisory board , a family day or a college.


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