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An award is understood to be an honor or appreciation that a person, group, organization or company receives for outstanding performance in a certain area. Many awards honor the areas of sport , art , culture , science , business or civic engagement .

The awards include prices (Engl. Awards ) of all kinds, decorations and medals , titles or other tributes.

In contrast, negative awards are often given for particularly bad or despicable achievements.


The award usually takes place as part of a celebration, at which a certificate and, if necessary, other items such as trophies , memorial plaques , medals , orders , badges or ribbons are handed over as an external sign for the award. In special cases a laudator (sometimes several laudators) gives a speech on the person to be honored.

An award can be endowed with a monetary award for the recipient, such as the Nobel Prize or the Pulitzer Prize . An award can also simply be a public recognition of excellence without there being an award ceremony or an award ceremony.

Some awards are given in a certain rhythm, for example annually (such as the Nobel Prize, on the anniversary of the founder's death), while others are given irregularly and only on an occasional basis (such as the Federal Cross of Merit ).

Awards can in principle be given by any person or institution. The reputation of the award is generally dependent on the status of the organization or institution, the criteria for the award and the composition of the committee that decides on the award ( jury ).

In the case of the German Design Award from the German Design Council , candidates have to pay “participation fees” and the winner is obliged to submit between 3150 and 4450 euros. It has not been proven whether the "profit" also pays off economically.

Flower ceremony

In sports, it is often the case, immediately after the competition, a so-called. "Flower Ceremony" ( Engl. For "Flower Ceremony") hold. The three (rarely also six) best athletes are presented to the audience and receive a bouquet of flowers. The medals are then awarded at a separate event, which is usually held on the same day in the evening.

Well-known awards ( selection )

In German-speaking countries (D – A – CH):

Negative awards

A special form are so-called negative prices (also called abusive prices), which in contrast to the above Awards for which are considered negative by the award winner, i.e. particularly bad or despicable achievements. For example:

Advertising tool

Often companies and little-known organizations and associations award a prize to celebrities in order to be mentioned in the media and in turn to benefit from the recognition of the award winner.

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