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Memorial plaque for Christian Wolff in Wroclaw Poland .

A memorial plaque is a commonly made of stone or metal plaque , partly big board o. Ä., Commemorating a personality, a historical event or as a memorial in the form of a memorial plaque .

General and examples

The oldest memorial plaques were epitaphs or, like those of Bishop Bernward von Hildesheim , requests for intercession in the context of memorials - often both at the same time. Also stone crosses as primarily religious monuments were often set up in memory of a person about to the point where they pass through a accident or murder had come to death. In doing so, they both referred to the event and remembered it.

Since the beginning of the bourgeois era, memorial plaques for outstanding personalities have been placed on the houses in which they were born or lived. For example, Carl Friedrich Gauß owns three memorial plaques in Göttingen . However, they can also be attached generally to buildings such as workplaces or to man-made structures such as roads, tunnels, bridges, canals, dams, towers, churches, as well as street name signs or cemeteries.

Different cities have their own series of commemorative plaques that are uniformly designed and officially attached by the city:

Fake Francis Drake plaque in California

A brass plaque made and historically authenticated - but lost - made in 1579 on the occasion of Francis Drake's landing in California Bay in honor of the British Queen was recreated as a forgery in 1933 and held for decades to be genuine. G. Ezra Dane, member of E Clampus Vitus , and four historically well-known friends re-made the plaque. The forgery was leaked to the historian Herbert Eugene Bolton in 1936 , who presented it with great aplomb as a sensational find and as authentic.

Until the 1970s, this counterfeit was considered genuine, despite substantial counter-arguments. It was exhibited in the library of the University of California and shown, among other things, on state visits by the British Queen. Elaborate copies of the plaque were also made and presented as official state gifts.

Metallurgical examinations of the composition, patina and processing marks uncovered the fake.


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