Strong Medicine: Two doctors like fire and ice

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Television series
German title Strong Medicine: Two doctors like fire and ice
Original title Strong Medicine
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 2000-2006
length 60 minutes
Episodes 132 in 6 seasons
genre Drama , hospital series
idea Tammy Ader ,
Whoopi Goldberg
First broadcast July 23, 2000 (USA) on Lifetime
first broadcast
April 26, 2003 on Sat.1

Strong Medicine: Two Doctors Like Fire and Ice (Original Title: Strong Medicine ) is an American television series that was produced by Tammy Ader and Whoopi Goldberg for the US cable channel Lifetime . On February 5, 2006, the series was canceled in the United States after five years and a total of 132 episodes, because the audience was not satisfied. The series was until then as the longest produced series on US cable television.


The two doctors Dr. Dana Strowe and Dr. Luisa "Lu" Delgado are actually two completely different women, but they work together at the noble Rittenhouse Hospital for Gynecology. Dana comes from a famous family of doctors, is now chief gynecologist, Harvard graduate and is eager to find a remedy to cure cancer. Luisa comes from a ghetto in Philadelphia, is a single mother and previously worked at the South Philly Women's Clinic in a socially disadvantaged district, but the clinic had to be closed due to financial difficulties. While Dana hardly lets feelings flow into her work, Luisa does everything possible to care for her patients, especially the poor and disadvantaged.

Cast and dubbing

role actor Voice actor Episodes Years
Dr. Luisa "Lu" Delgado Rosa Blasi Irina von Bentheim 131 2000-2006
Lana Hawkins Jenifer Lewis Joseline Gassen 131 2000-2006
Midwife Peter Riggs Joshua Cox Peter Flechtner 131 2000-2006
Dr. Robert Jackson Philip Casnoff Thomas Nero Wolff 108 2000-2005
Dr. Nick Biancavilla Brennan Elliott Sven Hasper 89 2000-2005
Dr. Andy Campbell Patricia Richardson 59 2002-2005
Dr. Dana Stowe Janine Turner Daniela Strietzel 50 2000-2002
Dr. Kayla Thorton Tamera Mowry 36 2004-2006
Marc Delgado Chris Marquette Nico Sablik 30th 2000-2004
Paramedic Smith James Logan 27 2000-2004
Dr. Matt Linn Matthew Yang King 27 2003-2006
Jesse Campbell Michelle Horn 23 2002-2005
Dr. Dylan West Rick Schroder 22nd 2005-2006
Lizzy Campbell Morgan Flynn 22nd 2002-2005


  • So far, only the first two seasons have been broadcast in Germany.

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