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A convention (from Latin convenire , `` to come together '', usually just called con ) is an event at which people with similar interests ( e.g. jugglers , anime fans , role players , fantasy friends and players) meet to get to know other like-minded people to exchange ideas with them about their hobby and to pursue it in part. Many conventions also offer opportunities to shop at stalls. In addition to official products, unofficial works or works specially developed by fans are also offered: pictures and drawings, printed products with short stories and adventures , games and handicrafts and, in particular , fan magazines called “ fanzines ”. Conventions have sometimes grown into an important part of the relevant scenes . The boundary to the fair is fluid.

Conventions usually take place in suitable event rooms; from small leisure centers and town houses to large hotels , convention centers and exhibition halls . A special feature are live role-playing games , which are sometimes also referred to as "Con". These often take place - at least if the topic comes from fantasy or history - away from heavily populated areas. In contrast to all other forms of conventions, only the game itself takes place here and no exchange about the hobby. However, since there are also conventions that have live role-playing games as their theme, these are also referred to by the common short forms LARP or Live . Often there is a stage program with variety , show and competitions for entertainment.

Gender of the word "Con"

The genus of the word "Con" is controversial. Based on "Convention" and thus on assembly (or convention ), the Con is often used. Oriented on the German term “Konvent”, which is related in meaning, the Con is also often said and written. Some organizers, such as the Galileo7 , which has since been discontinued , also call their get-togethers "Trekkie-Meetings" and thus avoid this discussion.

Types of conventions

A fairly new trend are the anime conventions , in which fans of anime and manga exchange ideas. Often these events are linked to cosplay competitions, a stage program, book signing sessions or demonstrations of anime. But computer games also belong in this area. Even if they usually have their own conventions. The Games Convention is to be considered as fair, despite their name, as it is not built on the initiative of fans, but probably is the best known representative of the scene. But many other areas also have their own conventions, the German-speaking representatives of which are listed below:

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