With umbrella, charm and bowler hat

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Television series
German title With umbrella, charm and bowler hat
Original title The Avengers / The New Avengers
The avengers 1965 de.svg
Country of production United Kingdom
original language English
Year (s) 1961-1969 / 1976-1977
Episodes 187 (161 + 26) in 6 + 2 seasons
genre Drama , crime , action series
music John Dankworth (1961–1964), Laurie Johnson (1965–1969, 1976–1977)
First broadcast January 7, 1961 on ABC Television / ITV
first broadcast
October 18, 1966 on ZDF

With Umbrella, Charm and Bowler Hat is a British television series that combines crime , action , agent films , science fiction and thriller elements. Between 1961 and 1969, 161 episodes were produced under the title The Avengers (German literally: The Avengers ). In 1976 and 1977 there were another 26 episodes of the follow-up series The New Avengers . The dubbed German version originally began with the fourth season of the British original from 1965 and premiered on Second German Television on October 18, 1966 . From December 6, 2010 to February 21, 2011, the TV broadcaster ARTE (starting with episode 15) showed 54 episodes of the first three seasons that had never been broadcast in Germany before in German synchronization. The television series served as a template for the film of the same name from 1998.

The film music for the series was composed by John Dankworth in 1961–1964 and in 1965–1969 and 1976–1977 by Laurie Johnson and Howard Blake . Numerous cover versions of the striking title music were created .

Development of the series

Season 1 (1961)

The first episode of the series, Hot Snow , aired in the UK on January 7, 1961. The English title The Avengers (Eng. The Avengers ) is explained by the first season and the collaboration of Dr. David Keel ( Ian Hendry ) and John Steed ( Patrick Macnee ). When Dr. Keel's fiancée falls victim to a crime, she swears vengeance. During his investigation, he meets the agent John Steed and together they manage to solve the murder. They solve more cases in 25 episodes.

When Ian Hendry left in May 1962, the series seemed doomed. Initially, Jon Rollason rose as Dr. King for Hendry, whereby the scripts that had already been written could be used. But then a new concept helped the series to success: John Steed rose to become the main character. When he was looking for a suitable partner for Steed, producer Sydney Newman saw a report on television about an English woman living in Kenya. The latter had struck down the three machete murderers of her husband and two of her children with a revolver. With this, the new type of intelligent, emancipated and powerful woman was found (initially in the form of Dr. Catherine Gale, portrayed by Honor Blackman ), who from then on would significantly shape the character of the series.

In terms of content, little changed: A changing team of agents - except for Patrick Macnee as John Steed - tirelessly protected the world from the diabolical plans of eccentric geniuses. The English title was retained even without any content related to the clearly changed profile of the series. The German version “ Mit Schirm, Charme und Melone ”, on the other hand, did not start until the fourth season when it was first broadcast.

Over the years John Steed has worked with various partners.

Season 2 (1962)

Season 3 (1963-1964)

Seasons 4, 5a and 5b (1965–1967; from season 5 in color)

Seasons 6a and 6b (1968–1969)

Follow-up series The New Avengers , seasons 1 and 2 (1976–1977)

The New Avengers logo without the Union Jack and lion

When Honor Blackmann left the series to star in the Bond film Goldfinger (1964), Diana Rigg succeeded her as Mrs. Emma Peel . Through them, the unusually friendly relationship between men and women moved even more to the fore in the series. With noblesse and funny, mocking remarks, Steed and Mrs. Peel always keep their distance from each other in all professional cooperation. In retrospect, the strange relationship between the two was interpreted differently by Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg themselves.

During the Emma Peel era, the series was at its peak, thanks in no small part to the new, popular Avengers theme from Laurie Johnson . Each episode cost £ 30,000 and was shot in ten days, from season 5 in color. Science fiction elements were becoming increasingly important .

As in many other countries, the audience in Germany thinks “ With umbrella, charm and bowler hat ”, especially Mrs. Emma Peel . The main reason for this is the fact that the previous episodes were not dubbed in German until 2010/2011 and were therefore not broadcast on German television. But even in Great Britain and the USA, after Diana Rigg left the show as Emma Peel , the series never again achieved the same popularity.

An attempt was made to give the 6th season a new profile by including the new role mother . People wanted to get away from stories that were becoming more and more fantastic. However, in the opinion of many viewers, the charm of the omnipotent Emma Peel was now missing . The rather naive young agent Tara King , played by Linda Thorson , was unable to close this gap. When the series flopped in the US, it was discontinued.

When an attempt was made to revive the series with The New Avengers in the 1970s, a new concept was turned, but without straying too far from the origins. The unmistakable music of Laurie Johnson and Patrick Macnee as John Steed have been retained from the successful previous seasons . In line with his advanced age, Steed acted more prudently and played out all his experience as a fatherly veteran , while Purdey and Gambit as the dynamic agent "couple" succeeded Steed and his partner, so to speak .

The New Avengers processed significantly more action elements than the previous seasons. Bomb explosions and shootings came to the fore, displacing the subtle approach that had characterized the Peel era in particular . A development that Patrick Macnee criticized while the series was being made.

Even decades after the first episode of The Avengers aired , the series still enjoys a large fan base worldwide.

main characters

John Steed

The main character of the series is the somewhat blasé agent John Steed , played by Patrick Macnee. Like the series as a whole, Steed has undergone an enormous change. In the beginning, his figure was comparatively dark - a tough undercover investigator , opaque, shirt-sleeved, clad in trench coats, the indispensable cigarette in the corner of his mouth. By the Emma Peel era, he then developed into an ultra-British, cultured and nobly dressed gentleman who abhorred violence and whose main weapons were acumen and irony.

As of the 1971 stage version, Steed's full name is John Wickham Gascoyne Berresford Steed , and he was the youngest of eight children (he had seven sisters). Steed served in Army intelligence and the Navy during World War II , and achieved the rank of major. In the New Avengers episode Poker about Purdey , Steed claims that when he was 21, he once earned his living as a cowboy while driving cattle.

In addition to the typical steel-reinforced melon , which also happens sometimes used in battle, wearing Steed tie his Magdalen College in Oxford , his rapier reinforced umbrella was obtained from James Smith made in London. Steed drives a vintage Bentley or a Rolls-Royce ; Rolls-Royce vehicles can be seen in almost every episode. In The New Avengers , he mostly uses a Jaguar XJ 5.3C or a Rover 3500 .

After the series was canceled in 1969, Macnee had difficulty getting new offers because of his close association with this role. Fortunately for him, the new edition came on television in 1976 under the title The New Avengers , in which he was able to continue playing the role of John Steed . However, according to many fans, the magic and charm of the old series, especially the episodes with Diana Rigg as Emma Peel , could not regain the new episodes.

Dr. David Keel

With Dr. David Keel , played by Ian Hendry, started the idea for the television series. Ian Hendry had previously played a police doctor on the television series Police Surgeon . The series did not go over well with the audience, but the actor did. In the first season of The Avengers , he embodies the feisty doctor Dr. Keel helping a mysterious spy - John Steed - solve a crime.

In the first episode, Hot Snow , a packet of heroin is accidentally delivered to the wrong doctor's office. Dr. Keel's fiancée, who receives the package, is murdered to cover up the mistake. Since the police cannot solve the case, Dr. Keel does his own research and locates the practice for which the package was actually intended. There he meets the secret agent John Steed .

The doctor Dr. Keel was conceived as the main role of the series, so that John Steed does not appear in an episode of the first season. However, the sympathies of the audience shifted to the figure of the mysterious agent. The producers had therefore planned to introduce a female role in the 27th episode (of 39 estimated episodes), which would then alternate with Dr. Keel at Steed's side should solve cases. For lack of money, however, the series was initially discontinued after the 26th episode Dead of Winter .

Dr. Martin King

After production resumed, Ian Hendry was no longer available for the series. Jon Rollason was cast in the role of Dr. Martin King signed as successor. However, shortly afterwards the decision was made to provide John Steed with a female partner, so that Dr. King was only involved in three cases. These were leftover scripts from the first season, originally written for Dr. Keel were intended.

Compared to his predecessor, Dr. Kings more the medical aspect, while John Steed is more clearly in the foreground in clearing up the cases.

Dr. Catherine Gale

Dr. Catherine Gale , called Cathy , was born on October 5th, 1930 and grew up to be an independent, emancipated woman whose passion was anthropology and especially adventure. In London she met an English farmer from Kenya whom she married. She followed him to his plantation. In Kenya she learned a. a. handling weapons and repairing vehicles. After her husband's death during the Mau Mau uprising , she returned to London, where she earned a PhD in anthropology.

Cathy Gale is portrayed by Honor Blackman . She first came into contact with John Steed when he - working as a curator in a London museum - asked her about occult issues. However, the corresponding episode 42 Warlock was only broadcast at a later date. In the following years (1963/1964) she supports Steed more often in solving cases, initially in occasional alternation with Venus Smith , in the third season as a permanent partner at Steed's side . The relationship between the two was one of mutual respect, but Gale's disgust for Steed's unscrupulous methods led to repeated conflicts.

Cathy Gale was the first female television role to be a self-confident and independent woman who was able to defend herself in hand-to-hand combat. Characterized by her courage and tenacity, she became a model for the strong woman, as her successor Emma Peel skilfully continues in a very charming way. Catherine Gale also introduced one of the trademarks of the series, which also made the black and white 26 episodes of the first Peel season more than subtle: the skin-tight leather suit. An allusion to Cathy, who left the series with the episode “Tanz der Hummer” ( Lobster Quadrille ), or to Honor Blackman's role in the James Bond film Goldfinger appears in the early Emma Peel episode no. 83 “Christmas - a Nightmare ”( Too Many Christmas Trees ), in which Steed receives a Christmas greeting card from Fort Knox . In the episode “Pandora” there is another reference to Honor Blackman and Diana Rigg , when John Steed searches for clues to an ex-agent and the two names of Cathy Gale and Emma Peel can be clearly read on two folders in the filing cabinet while leafing through the files .

Venus Smith

Venus Smith is a jazz singer whose appearance was scheduled for the last third of the first season to take turns with Dr. Keel to act alongside John Steed . However, due to lack of money, production was interrupted. When a female partner for Steed was integrated into the series for the second season with Cathy Gale , the singer Venus Smith (played by Julie Stevens) appeared in six episodes.

In the series, John Steed comes into contact with Venus Smith during the investigation of a case (in episode 33, The Decapod) . As a naive and unsuspecting outsider who is involved in the criminal investigation work, she usually seems overwhelmed and thus acts in clear contrast to Cathy Gale .

Emma Peel

Emma Peel , b. Emma Knight , married to Peter Peel , works as an amateur agent for the British Secret Service and, alongside John Steed, was one of the two protagonists of the series from 1965 to 1967. The actress Diana Rigg replaced Elizabeth Shepherd , who was originally intended for the role and with whom the episode The Town of No Return had already been filmed, as well as half of The Murder Market . The figure was just as intelligent, independent and defenseless as Cathy Gale's, but laid out much more casual. Uma Thurman played her role in the 1998 cinema remake . At the beginning of the 6th season it turns out in episode 131 "Goodbye, Emma" (The Forget-Me Knot) that her husband Peter is still alive, which is why Mrs.  Peel leaves the secret service. In the episode "Das Häuschen im Grünen" (The house that Jack built) we learn that Emma Peel was very successful in managing the large family company as a board member before she joined the Secret Service.

Emma Peel represents a particularly strong and emancipated type of woman who developed in Europe in the later 1960s. The origin of the name lies in "M-Appeal", a short form of "Man Appeal". As an agent, Emma Peel is up to any man and even masters martial arts. The German press described Diana Rigg in her role as Emma Peel as "Karate Emma".

The fashion Diana Rigg wore on the series was designed by John Bates in the black and white season and by Alun Hughes in the color season and was a trendsetter. Their suits are legends of film history. A leather corsage with a spiked collar in Sado-Maso look in episode 99 “The Night of Sinner” (A Touch Of Brimstone) even meant that the corresponding episode was not allowed to be broadcast in many countries. A vinyl suit in “H 2 O - tödliches Nass” (A Surfeit Of H 2 O) , a snakeskin jacket in “ The Club of the Black Rose” (The Danger Makers) and a gold lamé suit in “Club der Hirne” were also not without charm “ (The Master Minds) . As a kind of homage to Emma Peel's leather collection, the skin-tight leather catsuits and overknee boots were relaunched in the 1990s .

Emma Peel mostly drives a Lotus Elan (Type 26).

Tara King

In 1968 Tara King succeeds Emma Peel at the end of episode 131 "Auf Wiedersehen, Emma" (orig .: "The Forget-Me Knot" ) . In this episode, Tara King is introduced as a young agent 69 in training , presumably an allusion to the friend of the comic figure Sweet Gwendoline, who is only known as "Agent U69" . “Tschingbumm” -Tara - a nickname that she herself brought up - first accidentally meets the legendary John Steed , whom she admires and whom she can later actively help during a memory loss and thus play a key role in clearing up an internal plot.

With Tara King , played by Linda Thorson , at Steed's side, the series makes a change that was significantly pushed by the American financier ABC : For the first time, a self-confident and independent partner is replaced by an agent who, as a newcomer, is significantly younger than John Steed . Linda Thorson herself decided on her name Tara King and also that she is not married / widowed like her predecessors. According to Linda Thorson, " a woman who spends so much time with a man can only be in love with him " - and so Linda Thorson plays her role too. The camera team takes up Linda Thorson's idea, as can be clearly seen in many episodes. She is also addressed by Steed by her first name. You can tell that a closer relationship is hinted at between the two. In the course of the 6th season, the image of Tara King gradually changes from the clumsy, vulnerable beginner to a full-fledged agent.

Tara King's official vehicle is an AC 428 Convertible or Lotus Europa in some episodes . In episodes 134 "Offer putsch, search for weapons" (orig .: "Have guns - will huggle") and 158 "Mother's stories" (orig .: "Homicide and old lace") Tara King drives a red Lotus Elan S2 ( Type 50).


The main female role in the New Avengers is Purdey , no other additions to the name are mentioned. The role is played by Joanna Lumley . With Purdey , the series has again a powerful woman whose special trademark is her enormous leg mobility, with which she can get from standing up to head height - a skill she learned before working as a ballet dancer. In episode 19, " Obsession " ( Obsession ) is flashed back to this time when Purdey was about to build a life together with her ex-partner.

Throughout the series, Purdey is adored as a very special person , especially by the comments of Steed and Gambit, and is therefore surrounded by the aura of a noble figure of light. It is independent and characterized by determination, but brings an emotional element into the series.

Mike Gambit

With Mike Gambit (played by Gareth Hunt ) a completely different type of man is established in The New Avengers , who has little to do with the British gentleman. Mike Gambit is laid out more as the perky sun boy who is never at a loss for a pithy comment or a suggestive remark. A prominent characteristic of Gambit is a certain sexism , and in most episodes he is portrayed as an almost invincible close combat expert and a gun fetishist.

There is not much to learn about the background of the person Mike Gambit in the series. In his job he is quite the tough professional who seems to have only one vulnerable point, namely when someone gets too close to his partner Purdey . He woos them continuously, but unsuccessfully. However, both share a deep and friendly affection.

Minor characters


Mother is the supervisor of the intelligence department in Season 6 and reports directly to the government. When she is in a wheelchair, mother is not on active duty. Surrounded by countless telephones, he pulls the strings in the background from the secret headquarters - the location of which changes again and again throughout the entire season. The real name and past of the mother remain unclear.

The character mother is portrayed by Patrick Newell , who previously appeared in the two Emma Peel episodes "Stadt ohne Returns" ( The Town of no Return ) and "1,2,3 ... who has the ball?" ( Something Nasty in the Nursery ) had played other supporting roles. The secret service chief, who is based on the model of the American TV series hero Ironside , is introduced to the series at the same time as Tara King in episode 131 "Goodbye, Emma" ( The Forget-Me-Knot ) when Steed visits the headquarters for internal treason . In the subsequent episodes, Mother appears mostly pseudo-astute, as many of his conclusions and instructions exactly follow Steed's arguments. The role is supposed to contribute to the humor in the series, but cannot compete with Emma Peel's subtle humor . Mother's permanently changing headquarters are a successful running gag .


Rhonda is Mother's constant companion , played by Rhonda Parker . Although she appears in numerous episodes, she never utters a single word. She acts as the girl for everything, her main job being to drape the phones around mother in the most impossible places and to hand over the receivers.


As mother's deputy father only appears in episode 153 “Vacation on installments” ( Stay tuned ) during mother's absence due to vacation . Father is a blind woman who has very good hearing and a good sense of touch. In contrast to mother , father is less in need of communication and acts more intuitively.

Episode overview (by production date)

First season (1961)

First season, 1961, Dr. David Keel, John Steed
Episode # German title Original title First broadcast (EN) First broadcast (DE) Director
001 none Hot snow Jan. 7, 1961 never Don Leaver
002 none Brought to Book Jan. 14, 1961 never Peter Hammond
003 none Square root of evil Jan. 21, 1961 never Don Leaver
004th none Nightmare Jan. 28, 1961 never Peter Hammond
005 none Crescent moon Feb. 4, 1961 never John Knight
006th The girl on the trapeze Girl on the trapeze Feb 11, 1961 Dec 7, 2010 Don Leaver
007th none Diamond cut diamond Feb. 18, 1961 never Peter Hammond
008th none The radioactive man Feb 25, 1961 never Robert Tronson
009 none Ashes of roses March 4, 1961 never Don Leaver
010 none Hunt the man down Apr 8, 1961 never Peter Hammond
011 none Please don't feed the animals Apr 1, 1961 never Dennis Vance
012th none Dance with death Apr 15, 1961 never Don Leaver
013 none One for the mortuary Apr 29, 1961 never Peter Hammond
014th none The springers May 13, 1961 never Don Leaver
015th Mission: fear The frighteners May 27, 1961 Dec 6, 2010 Peter Hammond
016 none The yellow needle June 11, 1961 never Don Leaver
017th none Death on the slipway June 24, 1961 never Peter Hammond
018th none Double danger July 8, 1961 never Roger Jenkins
019th none Toy trap July 22, 1961 never Don Leaver
020th none Tunnel of fear Aug 5, 1961 never Guy Verney
021st none The far-distant dead Aug 19, 1961 never Peter Hammond
022nd none Kill the king Sep 2 1961 never Roger Jenkins
023 none The deadly air Dec 16, 1961 never John Knight
024 none A change of bait 23 Dec 1961 never Don Leaver
025th none Dragonsfield Dec 30, 1961 never Peter Hammond
026th none Dead of winter Dec 9, 1961 never Don Leaver

Second season (1962–1963)

Second season, 1962–1963, John Steed, Dr. Martin King (MK), Dr. Catherine Gale, Venus Smith (VS)
Episode # German title Original title First broadcast (EN) First broadcast (DE) Director
027 The diva's secret Mission to Montreal (MK) Oct. 27, 1962 Dec 14, 2010 Don Leaver
028 On a deadly course Dead on course (MK) Dec 29, 1962 Dec 28, 2010 Richmond Harding
029 The informant The sell-out (MK) Nov 24, 1962 Dec 20, 2010 Don Leaver
030th Deadly documents Death Dispatch Dec 22, 1962 Dec. 27, 2010 Jonathan Alwyn
031 Fuel 23 Propellant 23 Oct 6, 1962 Dec 9, 2010 Jonathan Alwyn
032 Mr. Teddy Bear Mr. Teddy Bear 29 Sep 1962 Dec 8, 2010 Richmond Harding
033 The death wrestler The Decapod (VS) Oct 13, 1962 Dec 10, 2010 Don Leaver
034 Arms deals Bullseye Oct 20, 1962 Dec 13, 2010 Peter Hammond
035 In the service of the hit man 1 The removal man (VS) Nov 3, 1962 Dec 15, 2010 Don Leaver
036 The red Mauritius The Mauritius penny Nov 11, 1962 Dec 16, 2010 Richmond Harding
037 Death of a Great Dane 2 Death of a great dane Nov 17, 1962 Dec 17, 2010 Peter Hammond
038 Murder in the diamond district Death on the rocks Dec. 1, 1962 Dec 21, 2010 Jonathan Alwyn
039 The traitors Traitor in zebra Dec 8, 1962 Dec 22, 2010 Richmond Harding
040 the Super brain The big thinker Dec 15, 1962 23 Dec 2010 Kim Mills
041 Among criminals Intercrime Jan. 7, 1963 29 Dec 2010 Jonathan Alwyn
042 Black magic Warlock Jan. 27, 1963 Jan. 3, 2011 Peter Hammond
043 White gold Immortal Clay Jan. 14, 1963 Dec 30, 2010 Richmond Harding
044 The bag of tricks Box of Tricks (VS) Jan. 21, 1963 Dec 31, 2010 Kim Mills
045 The deadly virus The Golden Eggs Feb 3, 1963 Jan. 4, 2011 Peter Hammond
046 School of Treason School for traitors (VS) Feb 11, 1963 Jan. 6, 2011 Jonathan Alwyn
047 The white dwarf The white dwarf Feb. 17, 1963 Jan. 7, 2011 Richmond Harding
048 The dead man in the mirror Man in the mirror (VS) Feb. 24, 1963 Jan. 10, 2011 Kim Mills
049 The oath of silence 3 Conspiracy of silence March 3, 1963 Jan. 11, 2011 Peter Hammond
050 Death of a frogman A Chorus of Frogs (VS) March 9, 1963 Jan. 12, 2011 Raymond Menmuir
051 Handshake murder Six Hands Across a Table March 16, 1963 Jan. 13, 2011 Richmond Harding
052 Dangerous ambergris Killer Whale March 23, 1963 Jan. 14, 2011 Kim Mills

1 According to the title display on the German first broadcast on Arte, “Im Dienst der Profikiller”, although Arte stuck to the word “contract killer” in the EPG and other sources.
2 remake in the 5th season under the title "Where the dog is buried".
3 According to the title display on the German first broadcast on Arte, “Committed to the Mafia”.

Third season (1963–1964)

Third season, 1963–1964, John Steed, Dr. Catherine Gale
Episode # German title Original title First broadcast (EN) First broadcast (DE) Director
053 Instructions to murder Brief for Murder 28 Sep 1963 Jan. 17, 2011 Peter Hammond
054 The concert Concerto March 7, 1964 Feb 17, 2011 Kim Mills
055 The bunker The Nutshell Oct 19, 1963 Jan. 20, 2011 Raymond Menmuir
056 The golden fleece The Golden Fleece Dec. 7, 1963 Jan. 31, 2011 Peter Hammond
057 Death à la carte Death à la carte Dec 21, 1963 Feb. 2, 2011 Kim Mills
058 The lookalike Man with two shadows Oct 12, 1963 Jan. 19, 2011 Don Leaver
059 Don't look back 1 Don't look behind you Dec 14, 1963 Feb. 1, 2011 Peter Hammond
060 Death wears a toga The grandeur that was Rome Nov 30, 1963 Jan. 28, 2011 Kim Mills
061 Two coffins for a corpse The Undertakers Oct 5, 1963 Jan. 18, 2011 Bill Bain
062 A simple soldier Death of a Batman Oct 26, 1963 Jan. 21, 2011 Kim Mills
063 The mousetrap Build a Better Mousetrap Feb 15, 1964 Feb 14, 2011 Peter Hammond
064 The fifth of November November five Nov 2, 1963 Jan. 24, 2011 Bill Bain
065 Murder at second sight Second sight Nov 16, 1963 Jan. 26, 2011 Peter Hammond
066 Profitable secrets The secrets broker Feb. 1, 1964 Feb 10, 2011 Jonathan Alwyn
067 A perfect crime The Gilded Cage Nov 9, 1963 Jan. 25, 2011 Bill Bain
068 Bitter pills The Medicine Men Nov 23, 1963 Jan. 27, 2011 Kim Mills
069 The white elephant The white elephant Jan. 4, 1964 Feb. 4, 2011 Laurence Bourne
070 Deadly Masquerade 2 Dressed to kill Dec 28, 1963 Feb 3, 2011 Bill Bain
071 The interrogation The wringer Jan. 18, 1964 Feb 8, 2011 Don Leaver
072 Little wonders The little wonders Jan. 11, 1964 Feb 7, 2011 Laurence Bourne
073 The magic root Mandrake Jan 25, 1964 Feb 9, 2011 Bill Bain
074 The Trojan horse Trojan Horse Feb 8, 1964 Feb 11, 2011 Laurence Bourne
075 Risen to kill The outside-in man Feb 22, 1964 Feb 15, 2011 Jonathan Alwyn
076 The Flatterers 3 4 The Charmers Feb. 29, 1964 Feb 16, 2011 Bill Bain
077 Corps spirit Esprit de Corps March 14, 1964 Feb. 18, 2011 Don Leaver
078 Dance the lobster Lobster Quadrille March 21, 1964 Feb 21, 2011 Kim Mills

1 remake in the 5th season under the title "Weekend in the Country"
2 remake in the 5th season under the title "Fly without it".
3 remake in the 5th season under the title “Do you know Snob?”.
4 According to the title display on the German first broadcast on Arte, “The Enchanters”.

Fourth season (1965–1966)

Fourth season, 1965-1966, John Steed, Emma Peel
Episode # German title Original title First broadcast (EN) First broadcast (DE) Director
079 The murder institute The murder market Nov 12, 1965 Jan. 5, 2003 Peter Graham Scott
080 Brain Club / School of Killing 1 The master minds Nov 4, 1965 Feb 21, 1967 Peter Graham Scott
081 Be careful when calling Dial a deadly number December 3, 1965 Dec 6, 1966 Don Leaver
082 Selling out death Death at bargain prices Oct 21, 1965 March 21, 1967 Charles Crichton
083 Christmas - a nightmare Too many christmas trees Dec 23, 1965 March 11, 1999 2 Roy Baker
084 The robots The cybernauts Oct 14, 1965 Oct 18, 1966 Sidney Hayers
085 The gravedigger The gravediggers Oct 7, 1965 Feb 7, 1967 Quentin Lawrence
086 Closed spaces Room without a view Jan. 7, 1966 Aug 8, 1967 Roy Baker
087 H 2 O - deadly wet /
an overdose of water 3
A surfeit of H 2 O Nov 19, 1965 Oct 15, 1998 Sidney Hayers
088 2: 1 = 1 Two's a crowd Dec 17, 1965 Nov 22, 1966 Roy Baker
089 Murderous dandelions Man-eater of Surrey Green Dec 11, 1965 March 25, 1999 Sidney Hayers
090 Deadly dust Silent dust Dec 31, 1965 Nov 8, 1966 Roy Baker
091 The missing hour The hour that never was Nov 26, 1965 Dec 11, 1998 Gerry O'Hara
092 City of no return 4 The town of no return 28 Sep 1965 Dec 20, 1966 Roy Baker
093 The Scottish Castle Castle De'Ath Oct 28, 1965 Jan. 11, 1967 James Hill
094 The 13th hole The Thirteenth Hole Jan. 28, 1966 March 7, 1967 Roy Baker
095 African summer Small game for big hunters Jan. 14, 1966 Apr 4, 1967 Gerry O'Hara
096 Mrs. Peel for the first, second, third /
needles kill quieter 3
The Girl From Auntie Jan. 20, 1966 Jan. 7, 1999 Roy Baker
097 Dangerous dance lesson Quick-quick slow death Feb. 4, 1966 Jan. 24, 1967 James Hill
098 The Black Rose Club The danger makers Feb 11, 1966 July 18, 1967 Charles Crichton
099 The night of sinners /
To hell, sir! 3
A touch of brimstone Feb. 18, 1966 Nov 5, 1998 James Hill
100 Butlers are dangerous What the butler saw Feb 25, 1966 Apr 18, 1967 Bill Bain
101 The little house in the countryside The house that Jack built March 4th 1966 Dec 31, 1998 Don Leaver
102 Robin Hood plays along A sense of history March 11, 1966 Aug 1, 1967 Peter Graham Scott
103 Fit for murder /
murder the men 3
How to succeed ... at murder March 18, 1966 Jan. 14, 1999 Don Leaver
104 Honey for the prince Honey for the prince March 22, 1966 4th July 1967 James Hill

1 alternative title (probably title of the mistaken re-dubbing that arose when this episode was mistaken for "Murder Market").
2 ran on December 23, 1997 on ORF in the original with subtitles under the title "The Christmas Nightmare".
3 titles from the Super 8 release.
4 remake in the 5th season under the title "The Spirit of the Duke of Benedict".

Fifth season (1967)

Fifth season, 1967, John Steed, Emma Peel
Episode # German title Original title First broadcast (EN) First broadcast (DE) Director
105 Shock free home The Fear Merchants Jan. 20, 1967 Dec 19, 1967 Gordon Flemyng
106 Tickets to the past Escape in Time Jan. 27, 1967 26 Sep 1967 John Krish
107 A bird that knew too much The bird who knew too much Feb. 11, 1967 Aug 28, 1967 Roy Rossotti
108 Once Venus, there and back From Venus with love Jan. 13, 1967 Oct 24, 1967 Robert Day
109 The transparent ones The see-through man Feb. 3, 1967 Nov 21, 1967 Robert Asher
110 The winged avenger The winged avenger Feb. 17, 1967 June 11, 1993 Gordon Flemyng
Peter Duffell
111 The spirit of the Duke of Benedict The living dead Feb. 24, 1967 21 Sep 1967 John Krish
112 Beware, big cats The hidden tiger March 3, 1967 Dec 5, 1967 Sidney Hayers
113 Do you know Snob? The correct way to kill March 11, 1967 Oct 11, 1967 Charles Crichton
114 Fancy duplicates? Never, never say die March 17, 1967 Nov 7, 1967 Robert Day
115 Movie star Emma Peel Epic March 31, 1967 Apr 9, 1968 James Hill
116 Fly without it The superlative seven Apr 7, 1967 March 12, 1968 Sidney Hayers
117 This time with a bang A funny thing happened on the way to the station Apr. 14, 1967 Jan. 2, 1968 John Krish
118 One, two, three - who has the ball? Something nasty in the nursery Apr 21, 1967 Feb 13, 1968 James Hill
119 Weekend in the country The Joker Apr 28, 1967 Jan. 30, 1968 Sidney Hayers
120 Who is who? Who's who? May 5th 1967 May 7, 1968 John Moxey
121 The nightmare come true Death's door Oct 5, 1967 4th June 1993 Sidney Hayers
122 And robots again Return of the cybernauts 28 Sep 1967 Jan. 16, 1968 Robert Day
123 Starting at 160 Dead Man's Treasure Oct 19, 1967 Apr 23, 1968 Sidney Hayers
124 Where the dog is buried The £ 50,000 breakfast Oct 12, 1967 June 9, 1993 Robert Day
125 You have just been murdered You have just been murdered Oct 26, 1967 March 26, 1968 Robert Asher
126 Welcome to the village of death Murdersville Nov 11, 1967 June 7, 1993 Robert Asher
127 The deadly suit The positive-negative man Nov 3, 1967 June 8, 1993 Robert Day
128 Don't you have it a little smaller? Mission… highly improbable Nov 17, 1967 Feb. 27, 1968 Robert Day

Sixth season (1968–1969)

Sixth season, 1968–1969, John Steed, Tara King
Episode # German title Original title First broadcast (EN / US) 1 First broadcast (DE) Director
129 Invasion of the Earthlings Invasion of the earthmen March 27, 1968 Apr 11, 1999 Don Sharp
130 The circumstantial murderers The curious case of the countless clues Apr 3, 1968 Oct 20, 1970 Don Sharp
131 Goodbye, Emma The forget-me-knot 25 Sep 1968 11 Aug 1970 2 James Hill
132 Mind seeks body Split! Apr 11, 1968 Apr 20, 1999 Roy Baker
133 The chameleon factor Get-a-way Apr. 24, 1968 May 8, 1999 Don Sharp
134 Offer a coup, look for weapons Have guns - will haggle May 1, 1968 May 15, 1999 Ray Austin
135 There is a warning against clowns Look - (stop me if you've heard this one) But there were these two fellers May 8, 1968 May 22, 1999 James Hill
136 Therapy of Death My wildest dream Jan. 6, 1969 Aug 21, 1999 Robert Fuest
137 Operation George Whoever shot poor George oblique stroke XR40 Dec 9, 1968 22 Sep 1970 Cyril Frankel
138 Death by mail You'll catch your death Oct 7, 1968 June 12, 1999 Paul Dickson
139 Mirror, mirror in hand All done with mirrors Nov 13, 1968 25 Aug 1970 Ray Austin
140 The glass care institute Super secret cypher snatch Sep 30 1968 8 Sep 1970 John Hough
141 Puzzle game Game 23 Sep 1968 Nov 17, 1970 Robert Fuest
142 The milk does it False witness Nov 6, 1968 July 17, 1999 Charles Crichton
143 When it strikes 12 o'clock Noon Doomsday Nov 27, 1968 Dec. 1, 1970 Peter Sykes
144 The dagger of a thousand deaths Legacy of death Nov 4, 1968 June 26, 1999 Don Chaffey
145 Who is John Steed? They keep killing steed Nov 11, 1968 July 3, 1999 Robert Fuest
146 Welcome to Shakespeare's Inn Wish you were here Nov 18, 1968 July 11, 1999 Don Chaffey
147 Remak killer Dec. 30, 1968 Aug 14, 1999 Cliff Owen
148 Rotten through and through The rotters Dec 16, 1968 Aug 7, 1999 Robert Fuest
149 Mannering's Question Time The interrogators Jan. 1, 1969 Aug 28, 1999 Charles Crichton
150 Tell me where the people are The morning after Jan. 27, 1969 4th Sep 1999 John Hough
151 Hearts are trumps Love all Feb 3, 1969 Nov 3, 1970 Peter Sykes
152 Suitcase, suitcase, you have to hike Take me to your leader Feb 11, 1969 Sep 18 1999 Robert Fuest
153 Vacation in installments Stay tuned Feb. 24, 1969 Oct 2, 1999 Don Chaffey
154 The gas light killer's club Fog Feb. 17, 1969 Oct 6, 1970 John Hough
155 The lady in the center Who was the man I saw you with March 3, 1969 Oct 9, 1999 Don Chaffey
156 Pandora Pandora March 11, 1969 Oct 16, 1999 Robert Fuest
157 Attention! High tension! Thingumajig March 24, 1969 Oct 30, 1999 Leslie Norman
158 Mother's stories Homicide and old lace 17th March 1969 Dec 15, 1970 John Hough
159 requiem requiem March 31, 1969 Nov 6, 1999 Don Chaffey
160 Quiet days in the country Take-over Apr. 14, 1969 Nov 13, 1999 Robert Fuest
161 Next stay: paradise Bizarre Apr 21, 1969 Nov 20, 1999 Leslie Norman

1 was mostly first broadcast in the USA
2 may not be broadcast until August 16, 1970

The New Avengers, first season

The New Avengers, First Season, 1976
Episode # German title Original title First broadcast (EN) First broadcast (DE) Director
001 The eagle's nest The Eagle's Nest Oct. 19, 1976 Sep 15 1991 Desmond Davis
002 gold The Midas Touch Nov 9, 1976 June 29, 1978 Robert Fuest
003 Queen of Hearts House of Cards Oct 26, 1976 June 1, 1978 Ray Austin
004th The steel monster The Last of the Cybernauts ...? Nov 2, 1976 July 21, 1991 Sidney Hayers
005 The white rat To catch a advice Nov 30, 1976 March 23, 1978 James Hill
006th Out of the blue Cat Amongst the Pigeons Nov 16, 1976 Jan. 12, 1978 John Hough
007th Deadly training Target! Nov 23, 1976 Apr 20, 1978 Ray Austin
008th doppelganger Faces Dec 14, 1976 Feb. 23, 1978 James Hill
009 The mysterious Ypsilon Tale of the Big Why Dec. 7, 1976 July 27, 1978 Robert Fuest
010 Three minus one equals zero The three-handed game Jan. 19, 1977 Aug 25, 1991 Ray Austin
011 Sleep over the city Sleeper Jan. 12, 1977 Aug 4, 1991 Graeme Clifford
012th The monster Gnaws Dec 21, 1976 July 7, 1991 Ray Austin
013 The dirty dozen Dirtier by the Dozen Jan. 5, 1977 June 23, 1991 Sidney Hayers

The New Avengers, second season

The New Avengers, Second Season, 1977
Episode # German title Original title First broadcast (EN) First broadcast (DE) Director
014th Purdey poker Hostage Nov 17, 1977 22 Sep 1991 Sidney Hayers
015th The trap Trap Oct 13, 1977 Oct 20, 1991 Ray Austin
016 Dead men are dangerous Dead Men are Dangerous 8 Sep 1977 29 Sep 1991 Sidney Hayers
017th the Fortune teller Medium rare 22 Sep 1977 Oct 6, 1991 Ray Austin
018th Angel of Death Angels of Death Sep 15 1977 Oct 27, 1991 Ernest Day
019th The campaign of revenge obsession Oct 6, 1977 Oct 13, 1991 Ernest Day
020th A royal hostage The Lion and the Unicorn 29 Sep 1977 Nov 3, 1991 Ray Austin
021st The dragon awakens, part 1 K is for Kill - The Tiger Awakes Oct 27, 1977 Nov 11, 1991 Yvon Marie Coulais
022nd The dragon awakens, part 2 K is for Kill - Tiger by the Tail Nov 3, 1977 Nov 17, 1991 Yvon Marie Coulais
023 The master spy Complex Nov 11, 1977 Nov 24, 1991 Richard Gilbert
024 The fighting machine The gladiators 6 Sep 1978 Dec 1, 1991 Claude Fournier
025th Adventure in Canada Forward Base Nov 24, 1977 Dec 8, 1991 Don Thompson
026th Emily Emily Dec. 1, 1977 Dec 15, 1991 Don Thompson

The actors

Among the numerous actors who were cast for the productions of the episodes, many have been hired multiple times. This harbors potential for confusion at times, as distinctive faces can be seen in different episodes in different roles. Some of the actors made up to six appearances. For the successor The New Avengers , some Avengers stars from earlier times were hired. For example, in episode 5 " To Catch a Rat " Ian Hendry appears as an aged agent who suffered from memory loss for 17 years, while Diana in "The Dragon Awakens" ( K Is for Kill ; # 21 and 22) Rigg again briefly when Emma Peel can be seen. The sequence was cut from old film material.

In fact, there are also some major stars among the actors in the series. So z. B. the still young Donald Sutherland and the then also still unknown Charlotte Rampling (both in episode # 116 "Fly without it" ( The Superlative Seven )), the already famous Gordon Jackson or a then still quite unknown John Cleese . Carol Cleveland , who later had ongoing appearances with Monty Python , starred alongside Peter Wyngarde , who also appears in the Peel episode "Movie Star Emma Peel" ( Epic ) (and later received his own series as Jason King ) in the scandalous episode 99 “The Night of Sinners” ( A Touch of Brimstone ). Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee can be seen in two episodes, Julian Glover even in four episodes. The German actor Albert Lieven appeared in the 86th episode H 2 O - deadly wet in 1965 as Dr. Storm up. The actor, who lived in England at the time, is here a. a. known from the Durbridge classic The Scarf and some Edgar Wallace films . The Austrian actor Eric Pohlmann , who followed his Jewish fiancé and later wife, the actress Lieselotte Goettinger, to emigrate to England in 1939 , was seen as Mason in the 50th episode A Chorus of Frogs - Death of a Frogman in 1962 . After the Second World War, Pohlmann appeared in numerous German and English language film and television productions.

Voice actor

actor Role name Season speaker
Patrick Macnee John Steed 1-3 Holger Mahlich
4-6 / The New Avengers Gert Günther Hoffmann
Episode "The Murder Institute" Hans-Werner Bussinger
Super 8 episodes Helmo Kindermann
Ian Hendry Dr. David Keel 1 Tobias Master
Julie Stevens Venus Smith 2 Jennifer Bottcher
Jon Rollason Dr. Martin King 2 Helmut Zierl
Honor Blackman Dr. Catherine Gale 2-3 Sabine Arnhold
Diana Rigg Emma Peel 4-5 Margot Leonard
Joseline Gassen
Marietta Meade
Super 8 episodes Brigitte Grothum
Linda Thorson Tara King 6th Renate Küster
Madeleine proud
Episode "Invasion of Earthlings" Marina Krogull
Patrick Newell mother 6th Martin Hirthe
Michael Rüth
Gareth Hunt Mike Gambit The New Avengers Elmar Wepper
Michael Schwarzmaier
Joanna Lumley Purdey The New Avengers Andrea Brix
Dagmar Heller

Parallels ...

The series With Umbrella, Charm and Melon is known for its very own style, which is derived from the combination of tension and humor and which reached its peak in the times of Emma Peel and Tara King . Nevertheless, on closer inspection, the series is also linked to other productions that are located in the secret service sector.

... to James Bond

A connection is often made to the series of James Bond films. The first parallel is that both lines of production ran in the UK and started around the same time. A resulting episode - and arguably the most obvious connection - is the casting of actors from the Avengers series for James Bond films.

More than 80 actors in the Avengers seasons were later hired for Bond films. In addition to a whole series of smaller roles, many of the main casts have made the appearance in a 007 film adaptation, such as the aforementioned Julian Glover, John Cleese or Christopher Lee. Another Avengers contributor was z. B. Lois Maxwell , who later became legendary as Miss Moneypenny . But many of the main actors themselves were seen in the Bond strips, above all Honor Blackman, who was seen as Pussy Galore in Goldfinger . This was even referred to with an allusion in episode 83 Christmas - a nightmare (see also Cathy Gale ). Another allusion to the Bond series can be found in the Canadian episode Complex of the New Avengers . Gambit ends up in police custody several times and is teased with the missing gadgets that would be typical for a British agent after James Bond.

In addition to Honor Blackman, Diana Rigg was also Bondgirl , who was the only woman to marry James Bond as Tracy in On Her Majesty's Secret Service . In this film, Joanna Lumley also starred in a small role. She is likely to be one of the few who was seen in a Bond film before her casting for the Avengers . Patrick Macnee played Sir Godfrey Tibbet, an agent disguised as a butler , in In the Face of Death .

The connection between the two film series was underlined once more when Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer released the complete Bond series on DVD. Patrick Macnee was hired as the spokesman for the documentaries on the background to the making of the individual films.

... to the series Die Profis

The TV series Die Profis was first produced in 1977 and thus follows precisely on from The New Avengers . Both series are similar in the way they are staged, the structure of the storylines and, last but not least, the style of the accompanying music. The reason for this lies in the production company Mark One Productions , which produced both series. It belonged equally to the film composer Laurie Johnson as well as the producers Albert Fennel and Brian Clemens (also screenwriter), who had previously made a decisive contribution to the success of Mit Schirm, Charme und Melone .

In fact, the seasons of The New Avengers represent a kind of transition between the two productions, in which they take on the bizarre humor of previous seasons on the one hand, but on the other hand already show significantly more violent and firearm-dominated acts. The combination of the two series culminates in a joint longer appearance by the later The Pros - leading actors Martin Shaw and Lewis Collins in The New Avengers episode # 19 "The Revenge Campaign" ( Obsession ). Curiously, Lewis Collins said goodbye to his counterpart in his role with the words: " We should work together again - good team ". The casting for Die Profis was not yet over at this point.

... to science fiction

In addition to classic crime and espionage, the series also featured science fiction . Some episodes are similar to the science fiction elements of James Bond, others go far beyond that and take on fantastic features (such as "The Robots" # 84/1965, "The Missing Hour" # 91/1965, "Murderous Dandelion" # 89 / 1965, “And again robots” # 122/1967 and others).


The scandalous episode

In the fourth season (in 1966, the first season with Diana Rigg) produced by Julian Wintle , was episode 99 "The Night of Sinner" ( A Touch of Brimstone ), in which Peter Wyngarde was the villain. This leads a secret society that has set itself the goal of excess and debauchery. The federal government uses the historical template of the “ Hellfire Club ” as a model.

The climax of the episode are orgiastic scenes that seem rather tame by today's standards. For the conditions at the time, it was enough to cause a minor scandal, especially in the USA, where this episode was not broadcast or was only broadcast censored. In the German-speaking countries, too, this episode only had its premiere in the late 1990s on the night program of the private broadcaster Sat.1 . The excitement arose u. a. through the provocative dominatrix costume of Diana Rigg as Queen of Sin , which she had designed herself.


The first episodes of 1961 were partly produced and broadcast live , so that only individual episodes have been preserved.

On April 3, 2009, the fourth season, for the first time in German, was released as Edition 1 on DVD. A special edition of this DVD box was already available in advance from Weltbild-Verlag . Many of the scenes cut for German television have been reintegrated into the episodes in the original with German subtitles. Additional scenes that were synchronized at the time but were not available on the restored master are included as bonus material.

The 5th season was released on August 21, 2009 as Edition 2 , the 6th season on October 16, 2009 in two parts as Edition 3 , and the 7th season followed as Edition 4 in two parts.

In the meantime, a limited special edition was published in 2010, in which all four seasons (editions) previously published in Germany are contained on 37 DVDs.

In March 2011, Kinowelt began to sell the 4th and 5th season not only as a season box (8 or 9 DVDs), but also, like the two later seasons before, in two smaller boxes (with 4 and 5DVDs) with almost identical covers on the market.

After the series was canceled on ZDF, a compilation of the episodes “The 50,000 Pound Breakfast” and “Murdersville” was shown in the cinema under the title “Emma Peel: my greatest adventures with John Steed”. Four more episodes were later released unabridged on Super 8 : "An Overdose of Water" ( A Surfeit of H2O ), "Needles Kill Quiet" ( The Girl from Auntie ), "To Hell, Sir!" ( A Touch of Brimstone ) and " Murder the men! ”( How to Succeed at Murder… ). At the time it was not possible to engage the original speakers , so that Steed and Peel were dubbed by Helmo Kindermann and Brigitte Grothum . This dubbed version is considered lost.

The second and third seasons as well as the two still intact episodes of the first season of the series were broadcast between December 6, 2010 and February 21, 2011 in German for the first time on the cultural channel Arte . The publication of these episodes by StudioCanal took place in two How everything began ... editions on December 8, 2011. A complete edition of all seasons was released at the same time.

Corgi vehicle models

At the beginning of the Peel episodes, Corgi Toys , later known for its model replicas of well-known film vehicles on a scale of 1:36 and 1:43, brought out the Steed-Bentley and the Lotus Elan as models. Around 2001 a new edition of the Steed Bentley was brought out. In the course of this new edition, Steeds Range Rover and Gambits Jaguar XJS from the last season were also offered for a short time .


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