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In various esoteric teachings, an energy body or aura of a person is referred to as a radiation that should be perceptible for psychologically or otherwise correspondingly sensitive (“synaesthetic” or “sighted”) people as a color spectrum that surrounds the body like clouds or a corona. According to most proponents of the energy body theory, it consists of several layers that are closely linked to the human chakras . It is therefore often the view that the human aura consists of seven layers, which correspond to the seven main chakras. Some layer concepts differ from this. There are different systems in which three to nine layers are described.

Neither chakras nor energy bodies can be scientifically proven. Even the assumed emanation of a ring of light cannot be observed with scientific methods.

Differentiation from corona discharge

Occasionally it is claimed that the corona discharges depicted by means of Kirlian photography are an image of the aura. There is no evidence to support the claim. It is also considered to be wrong by most of the supporters of the notion of an energy body.



In western Reiki , a distinction is usually made between the four levels of ethereal aura ( etheric body ), emotional aura ( emotional body , feeling body or astral body ), mental aura ( mental body ) and spiritual aura ( spiritual body , causal body ). In older Japanese Reiki, the three-part Dantian / Hara model is used.

Barbara Ann Brennan

The physicist and spiritual healer Barbara Ann Brennan describes the aura as a system of nine bodies.

  • Ethereal body
  • Emotional body
  • Mental body
  • Astral body
  • Ethereal negative body
  • Heavenly body
  • Ketheric body
  • First cosmic level
  • Second cosmic level

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