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The British Fantasy Award is a literary prize awarded annually by the British Fantasy Society (BFS) since 1972 for works and authors from the field of fantasy and horror literature .


The prize goes back to an initiative by Ramsey Campbell , who proposed in 1971 that a prize should henceforth be awarded in honor of the horror author and publisher August Derleth, who died in July of that year . For example, at the Eastercon in Chester, the August Derleth Fantasy Award was presented to Michael Moorcock for the first time for his novel The Knight of Swords . After three more categories had been introduced in 1973, it was decided in 1976 to rename the prize in its entirety to British Fantasy Award , with the prize in the Best Novel category continuing to be named after August Derleth.

There was a scandal in 2011 after the writer Sam Stone received both awards for best novel ( Demon Dance ) and for best short story ( Fool's Gold ). At that time she was the life partner of David J. Howe , author and co-owner of the small publishing house Telos Publishing , but also organizer and member of the award committee at the British Fantasy Awards 2011. The band Altered Visions: The Art of Vincent Chong , also received an award in the non-fiction category , was published by Telos. Although the award ceremony was based on a vote by the members of the FSO and participants in the FantasyCon, which would have made it difficult, if not impossible, to exert influence, the award-winning publisher Stephen Jones made appropriate suggestions in a lengthy blog post. In response to the resulting controversy, Sam Stone returned the award for best novel. Since the other nominees refused to accept, the prize was not awarded this year.

The prizes are awarded at FantasyCon , the FSO's annual convention . The award of prizes is based on a shortlist drawn up based on suggestions from the members of the FSO, to which the jury can add two further nominations. The jury then selects the winners from the shortlist of nominees. The prize trophy was originally a certificate, from 1974 onwards several forms of figural sculptures with a fantasy reference. Since 2011 the trophy has been an abstract sculpture without any specific reference to the genre.


  • 1972: Best Novel / Best Novel ( August Derleth Fantasy Award until 2011, then split)
  • 1973: Best Short Story / Best Short Story
  • 1973: Best Comic / Best Comic or Graphic Novel
  • 1973: Special Award (since 1997 Karl Edward Wagner Award )
  • 1977: Best Illustrations / Best Artwork (until 1979)
  • 1977: Best Small Publisher / Best Small / Independent Press
  • 1980: Best Artist
  • 1988: Best Young Talent / Best Newcomer (1988–1994 as Icarus Award , from 2007 as Sydney J. Bounds Award )
  • 1991: Best Anthology or Collection / Best Anthology / Collection (until 1998)
  • 1992: Special Jury Prize / Special Committee Award (until 1994)
  • 1999: Best Anthology / Best Anthology
  • 1999: Best Collection
  • 2005: Best Novella / Best Novella
  • 2007: Best Nonfiction Book / Best Nonfiction
  • 2009: Best Magazine / Best Magazine
  • 2012: Best Fantasy Novel / Best Fantasy Novel ( Robert Holdstock Award )
  • 2012: Best Horror Novel / Best Horror Novel ( August Derleth Award )
  • 2013: Best Film or Television Production / Best Film or Television Production
  • 2018: Best Audiobook / Best Audio

Prize winners by category

Best novel

In the category of Best Novel (English: Best Novel ), the by 2010 and August Derleth Fantasy Award awarded for stories with over 40,000 words mentioned rate since 1,972th Since 2012, separate categories have been awarded for fantasy novels (Robert Holdstock Award) and horror novels (August Derleth Award).

Robert Holdstock Award (Fantasy)

August Derleth Award (Horror)

August Derleth Fantasy Award

  • 2011: Sam Stone Demon Dance (However, after a controversy over awarding practices, Stone returned the award)
  • 2010: Conrad Williams : One
  • 2009: William Heaney (pseudonym of Graham Joyce): Memoirs of a Master Forger
  • 2008: Ramsey Campbell : The Grin of the Dark
  • 2007: Tim Lebbon : Dusk
  • 2006: Neil Gaiman : Anansi Boys
  • 2005: Stephen King : Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower (German: Der Turm )
  • 2004: Christopher Fowler : Full Dark House
  • 2003: China Miéville : The Scar
  • 2002: Simon Clark : Night of the Triffids
  • 2001: China Miéville : Perdido Street Station (German: Die Falter / Der Weber )
  • 2000: Graham Joyce : Indigo
  • 1999: Stephen King : Bag of Bones (German: Sara )
  • 1998: Chaz Brenchley : The Tower of The King's Daughter
  • 1997: Graham Joyce : The Tooth Fairy (German: companion of the night )
  • 1996: Graham Joyce : Requiem
  • 1995: Michael Marshall Smith : Only Forward (German: Stark, the dream detective )
  • 1994: Ramsey Campbell : The Long Lost
  • 1993: Graham Joyce : Dark Sister (German: Bellas Tagebuch )
  • 1992: Jonathan Carroll : Outside the Dog Museum (German: Vor dem Hundemuseum )
  • 1991: Ramsey Campbell: Midnight Sun
  • 1990: Dan Simmons : Carrion Comfort (German: Power of Evil )
  • 1989: Ramsey Campbell: The Influence
  • 1988: Ramsey Campell: The Hungry Moon
  • 1987: Stephen King : It (German: Es )
  • 1986: TED Klein : The Ceremonies
  • 1985: Ramsey Campbell: Incarnate
  • 1984: Peter Straub : Floating Dragon
  • 1983: Gene Wolfe : The Sword of the Lictor (German: Das Schwert des Liktors )
  • 1982: Stephen King : Cujo
  • 1981: To Wake the Dead (also known as: The Parasite) by Ramsey Campbell
  • 1980: Tanith Lee : Death's Master (German: Lord of Death )
  • 1979: Stephen R. Donaldson : The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever (German: The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the doubters / The power of the ring )
  • 1978: Piers Anthony : A Spell for Chameleon (German: Chamäleon-Zauber )
  • 1977: Gordon R. Dickson : The Dragon and the George (German: Die Nacht der Drachen )
  • 1976: Michael Moorcock: The Hollow Lands (German: Das Tiefenland )
  • 1975: Michael Moorcock: The Sword and the Stallion (German: The yellow war horse )
  • 1974: Poul Anderson : Hrolf Kraki's Saga (German: Hrolf Krakis Saga )
  • 1973: Michael Moorcock: The King of the Swords (German: Das Ende der Götter )
  • 1972: Michael Moorcock: The Knight of the Swords (German: The Scarlet Prince )

Best novel

In the category of best short story (English Best Novella ) the prize is awarded for stories from 15,000 to 40,000 words since of 2005. In 2011, the line between short stories and novellas was raised from 10,000 to 15,000 words.

Best short story

In the category Best Short Story (English Best Short Story ) has been awarded since 1973, a prize for stories of more than 15,000 (10,000 by 2011) words.

Best anthology / collection

In the combined category of Best Anthology or Collection (English Best Anthology / Collection ) the prize was awarded from 1991 to 1998, after which the prize was split into Best Anthology (English Best Anthology ) and Best Collection (English Best Collection ).

Best anthology

In the category Best Anthology (English Best Anthology ) of the prize will be awarded in 1999.

  • 2019: Robert Shearman & Michael Kelly : Year's Best Weird Fiction, Vol. 5
  • 2018: Mark Morris : New Fears
  • 2017: Nalo Hopkinson & Kristine Ong Muslim : People of Colo (u) r Destroy Science Fiction
  • 2016: Ellen Datlow : The Doll Collection
  • 2011: Johnny Mains : Back From the Dead: The Legacy of the Pan Book of Horror Stories
  • 2010: Stephen Jones: The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror: Volume 20
  • 2009: Stephen Jones: The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror: Volume 19
  • 2008: Stephen Jones: The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror: Volume 18
  • 2007: Gary Couzens : Extended Play: The Elastic Book Of Music
  • 2006: Allen Ashley : The Elastic Book of Numbers
  • 2005: Andrew Hook : The Alsiso Project
  • 2004: Stephen Jones: The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror: Volume 14
  • 2003: Ramsey Campbell: On Horror and Sundry Fantasies
  • 2002: Stephen Jones: The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror, Vol 12
  • 2001: Brian Willis : Hideous Progeny
  • 2000: Stephen Jones: The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 10
  • 1999: Stephen Jones and David Sutton : Dark Terrors 4

Best collection

Best anthology or collection

  • 1998: Stephen Jones and David Sutton: Dark Terrors 3
  • 1997: Thomas Ligotti : The Nightmare Factory
  • 1996: Andy Cox : Last Rites and Resurrections
  • 1995: Joel Lane : The Earthwire
  • 1994: David Sutton and Stephen Jones: Dark Voices 5
  • 1993: Nicholas Royle : Darklands 2
  • 1992: Nicholas Royle: Darklands
  • 1991: Stephen Jones and Ramsey Campbell: Best New Horror


In the category Best Non-Fiction (English Best Nonfiction ) prize has been awarded since of 2007.

Small publisher

In the category of Best Small Publishing (English Best Small / Independent Press ) has been awarded since 1977, a price. Prize winners are publishers or their publishers and editors. Up until 2009, magazines, series and individual publications were also honored here; since 2009 there has been a separate category for magazines. In 2009, Peter Crowthers Verlag PS Publishing - until then multiple winner of the award - withdrew from participation and instead became a sponsor of the award until 2013.


In the category of Best Magazine (English Best Magazine ) prize has been awarded since in 2009.

Best artist

In the category of Best Artist (English Best Artist ) of the prize will be awarded for the 1980th Before that, from 1977 to 1979 a prize was awarded for the best cover picture or the best illustrations (English Best Artwork ).

Cover image / illustration:

Comic / graphic novel

A prize has been awarded in the Best Comic and Best Graphic Novel category since 1973. In 1981 the award for the Best Comic category was discontinued due to fewer nominations and fewer votes, and from 2010 a Best Comic / Graphic Novel category was set up again.

Movie and TV

A prize has been awarded in the field of film and television since 2012. Initially, the category was as Best Screenplay (English Best Screenplay named), 2014 and 2015 as Best Film or series episode (English Best Film / Television Episode ). Since 2016, the category has been called Best Film or Television Production (English Best Film / Television Production ), whereby multi-part series, mini-series, seasons and the like can now also be awarded.

Audio book

A prize for the best audio book (English Best Audio ) was awarded for the first time in 2018.

  • 2019: Breaking the Glass Slipper Podcast
  • 2018: Anansi Boys , audio book version of a novel by Neil Gaiman

Young talent

For the best new authors with first publications in the previous year (English Best Newcomer ) there have been two awards so far, namely from 1988 to 1995 the Icarus Award and since 2007 the Best Newcomer Award , since 2009 as the Sydney J. Bounds Award , named after Science Fiction author Sydney J. Bounds , from whose estate the prize was endowed.

Sydney J. Bounds Award

Best Newcomer Award

Icarus Award

special price

Special prices (English Special Award ) are awarded since 1973, initially only irregularly. From 1992 to 1994 a special jury award (English Special Committee Award ) was also awarded. The special prize named after Karl Edward Wagner has been awarded annually since 1997 .

Karl Edward Wagner Award

special price

Special prize from the jury


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