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Dan Simmons (born April 4, 1948 in Peoria , Illinois , USA ) is an American writer .


Dan Simmons was born in Peoria, Illinois, in 1948. After graduating from college in 1970, he worked as a primary school teacher for 17 years. Since then, writing has been his main occupation. Even as a student, he stood out for his literary talent. However, he did not publish the first story until 1982 and won a literary prize with it. Since then, awards have been the rule for his work, including the 1993 World Fantasy Award for This Year's Class Picture .

Genres & style

Dan Simmons is a writer who is at home in several genres. He wrote horror novels, psycho and action thrillers as well as science fiction stories. Within his works, he also crosses the genre boundaries. In Darwin's Blade about the hero is also a physicist specializing in the reconstruction of traffic accidents, and as a sniper trained Vietnam - veteran . In The Crook Factory , Simmons takes up Ernest Hemingway 's submarine hunt around Cuba during the Second World War for a novel version.

Simmons often stages the plot or the characterization of the main characters through associations with scenes and characters from well-known films . This also applies to Hardcase , the "opener" of a series about private detective Joe Kurtz. With the crime series, Simmons tries to expand the moral boundaries of the classic detective novel.


Original title German title ISBN Awards
Song of Kali (1985) Goddess of Death (1991)
Song of Kali (2004)
ISBN 3-453-04593-9
ISBN 3-937897-01-1
World Fantasy Award 1986
Carrion Comfort (1989) Force of Evil (1993) ISBN 3-453-06248-5 Locus Award 1990 (Horror Novel),
Bram Stoker Award 1989 (Best Novel)
British Fantasy Award 1990 (August Derleth Award)
Hyperion (1989) Hyperion (1991) ISBN 3-453-04899-7
ISBN 3-4535-2978-2
Hugo Award 1990, Locus Award 1990
Phases of Gravity (1989) In the Balance (1994)
Moons (2009)
ISBN 3-453-07192-1
ISBN 3-453-52579-5
The Fall of Hyperion (1990) The End of Hyperion (1993)
The Fall of Hyperion (2002)
ISBN 3-453-04900-4
ISBN 3-453-21528-1
ISBN 3-4535-2978-2
Locus Award 1991 (Science Fiction),
BSFA Award 1991
Prayers to Broken Stones (1990) Styx - Thirteen Dark Stories (1995)
(Short Story Collection)
ISBN 3-453-09305-4
Summer of Night (1991) Summer of the Night (1992) ISBN 3-453-05338-9 Locus Award 1992 (horror)
Children of the Night (1992) Children of the Night (1993) ISBN 3-453-52165-X Locus Award 1993 (Horror)
The Hollow Man (1992) The Empty Face (1994) ISBN 3-453-08225-7
Lovedeath (1993) Lovedeath. Love and Death (1999)
(collection of short stories)
ISBN 3-86552-032-4
Fires of Eden (1994) The Fires of Eden (1997) ISBN 3-442-41597-7 Locus Award 1995 (horror)
Endymion (1996) Endymion. Gates of Time (1997) ISBN 3-442-43351-7
ISBN 3-4533-1517-0
The Rise of Endymion (1997) Endymion. The Resurrection (1999) ISBN 3-442-43352-5
ISBN 3-4533-1517-0
Locus Award 1998 (Science Fiction)
The Crook Factory (1999) Fiesta in Havana (2000) ISBN 3-442-54126-3
Darwin's Blade (2000) The head of the snake (2002) ISBN 3-442-45105-1
Hardcase (2001) Caught Ice Cold (2012) ISBN 3-86552-186-X
A Winter Haunting (2002) In the Eye of Winter (2006) ISBN 3-453-52142-0 International Horror Guild Award 2003 (Best Novel)
Hard Freeze (2002) Bitter cold (March 2013) ISBN 3-86552-226-2
Worlds Enough & Time (2002) Worlds and Time Enough (2004)
Helix (2008) (collection of short stories)
ISBN 3-86552-004-9
ISBN 3-453-52444-6
Ilium (2003) Ilium (2004) ISBN 3-453-87898-1
ISBN 3-4533-2047-6
Locus Award 2004
Hard as Nails (2003) Cold as steel (April 2013) ISBN 3-86552-230-0
Olympos (2005) Olympos (2006) ISBN 3-453-52123-4
ISBN 3-4533-2048-4
The Terror (2007) Terror (2007) ISBN 3-453-02905-4
Muse of Fire (2008) not yet published (novella)
Drood (2009) Drood (2009) ISBN 3-453-26598-X
Black Hills (2010) not published yet
Flashback (2011) Flashback (2011) ISBN 3-453-26597-1
The Abominable (2013) The Mountain (2014) ISBN 3-453-26896-2
The Fifth Heart (2015) not published yet

Audiobooks (selection)

  • 2008: Hyperion & Endymion . Eight issues, Random House Audio, unabridged, read in full by Detlef Bierstedt
  • 2011: Flashback . Random House Audio, ISBN 978-3-8371-1187-3 , unabridged, read by Martin Bross, 1222 min
  • 2013: caught freezing. Ronin Hörverlag, ISBN 978-3-943864-19-9 , unabridged, read by Carsten Wilhelm, 445 min
  • 2014: Bitter cold. Ronin Hörverlag, ISBN 978-3-943864-30-4 , unabridged, read by Carsten Wilhelm, 554 min
  • 2015: Cold as steel . Ronin Hörverlag, ISBN 978-3-943864-31-1 , unabridged, read by Carsten Wilhelm, 759 min

Film adaptations

In February 2013, the US pay-TV broadcaster AMC presented a series project for 2014, the film adaptation of the 2007 Simmons novel Terror , which revolves around the lost Franklin expedition . In his novel, Simmons interwoven historical facts with other well-known shipwreck accompaniments and elements of horror. In a press release from AMC it is said that they want to “focus on the horror of the material”. The series is produced by AMC itself, Television 360 and Scott Free . David Kajganich was hired to write the script for the pilot episode.

In mid-2015, Syfy announced that it would implement several SF classics as mini-series, including Hyperion together with Bradley Cooper .


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