Spooks - In the sights of MI5

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Television series
German title Spooks - In the sights of MI5
Original title Spooks
Country of production United Kingdom
original language English
Year (s) 2002-2011
length 60 minutes
Episodes 86 in 10 seasons
genre Action series , drama , thriller
idea David Wolstencroft
music Paul Leonard-Morgan
Jennie Muskett
Sheridan Tongue
First broadcast May 13, 2002 on BBC One
first broadcast
September 3, 2008 on FOX Channel

Spooks - In the sights of MI5 (Original title: Spooks ) is a BAFTA- winning British television series, which was produced from 2002 to 2011 by the independent production company KUDOS for BBC One .


The series is about cases from Division D of the British domestic secret service MI5 . The fictional department headed by Harry Pearce is responsible for counterterrorism . In order to fight terrorism, the secret agents infiltrate the surroundings of suspicious people to find out details of their plans and to thwart them. To do this, they also use eavesdropping methods and use the dense network of surveillance cameras in London.

The screenplay for the first season was written before the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 in New York, but in later seasons it often refers to current topics such as the terrorist attacks in London. The competition with the CIA and the political friendship between the United Kingdom and the USA are also discussed.

In the first season, the secret agents face terrorists from the right to life movement and prevent the publication of memoirs by a former member of the secret service. In the last episode, an IRA terrorist offers information about an impending attack on a nuclear power plant in exchange for a smaller attack in central London being granted. He hands over the information on a laptop, which turns out to be a booby trap.

The fourth season begins with a double episode that begins with an attack in central London and thwarted another explosion at King's Cross station . Despite the parallels to the actual terrorist attacks in London on July 7, 2005 , which only took place after filming was completed, the BBC broadcast the double episode in full.

In the following seasons, Islamist terror and the mafia take center stage, often because of the threat that international conferences and agreements on British soil are facing failure or the economic or political stability of Great Britain is facing collapse. In some episodes, however, the danger also comes from individual perpetrators who plan attacks on sensitive infrastructure (for example on the Thames Barrier ) or obtain information from the secret service.

The sixth season is based on a coherent plot about the Iranian nuclear program and various intelligence powers that sabotage or promote cooperation between the United Kingdom and Iran.

The seventh season begins with the death of the protagonist Adam Carter, who has been there since the third season. After a while, Lucas North, who had returned from Russian captivity, replaced him. The theme of this season is the influence of the Russian Mafia and the FSB on terrorist activities in London.

In the ninth season it turns out that Lucas North is really called John Bateman and has assumed the identity of a murdered candidate for the secret service. An acquaintance from that time blackmailed him with this knowledge and demands that John get him a file containing a blueprint of a genetic weapon . John finally gets the file and hands it over to Chinese secret agents.


The original title is derived from the colloquial term for spies in English-speaking countries , as the series deals with the MI5 intelligence officers who have their headquarters in Thames House in London . In the USA and Canada the series is called MI5 , because the word “spook” also has a discriminatory meaning in these countries.

The show was designed by the writer David Wolstencroft . Season three music was written by film and television composer Sheridan Tongue and Jennie Muskett, for whom they also received a BAFTA nomination for Best Original Television Music.


actor Role name description Season (s) Consequences) year Voice actor
Peter Firth Sir Harry Pearce Head of MI5 1-10 1-86 2002-2011 Frank-Otto Schenk
Lara powder Erin Watts Head of Department of Section D. 10 81-86 2011 Victoria Storm
Sam Reid Young Harry 10 81-86 2011
Geoffrey Streadfeild Callum Reed Junior Agent of Section D. 10 81-86 2011 Thomas Arnold
Jonathan Hyde Ilya Gavrik Russian Foreign Minister 10 81-86 2011 Hans-Jürgen Dittberner
Alice Krige Elena Gavrik Gavrik's wife 10 81-86 2011 Isabella Grothe
Max Brown Dimitri Levendis Section D piracy and terrorism agent 9-10 73-86 2010-2011 Martin Kautz
Simon Russell Beale William Towers British Home Secretary 9-10 73-86 2010-2011 Reinhard Scheunemann
William Hope Jim Coaver Vice Director of the CIA 10 81-85 2011 Till Hagen
Shazad Latif Tariq Masood Technicians and data analysts of Section D. 8-10 66-82 2009-2011 Arne Stephan
Nicola Walker Ruth Evershed Section D intelligence analyst 2-5, 8-10 8-41, 65-86 2003-2006, 2009-2011 Cathrin Vaessen
Sophia Myles Beth Bailey Junior Agent of Section D. 9 73-80 2010 Luise Helm
Richard Armitage Lucas North Head of operations and senior agent of Section D. 7-9 57-80 2008-2010 Wolfgang Wagner
Hugh Simon Malcolm Wynn-Jones Technicians and data analysts of Section D. 1-9 1-65, 78-79 2002-2010 Rainer Gerlach
Robert Glenister Nicholas Blake British Home Secretary 5-9 38-70, 73 2006-2010 Helmut Gauss
Genevieve O'Reilly Sarah Caulfield CIA liaison agent 8th 65-72 2009 Debora refuses
Hermione Norris Ros Myers Head of operations and senior agent in Section D. 5-8 38-72 2006-2009 Judith Brandt
Miranda Raison Jo Portman † Junior Agent of Section D. 4-8 31-67 2005-2009 Sabine Mazay
Gemma Jones Connie James † Section D analyst 6-7 48-64 2007-2008 Evelyn Gressmann
Alex Lanipekun Ben Kaplan † Junior Agent of Section D. 6-7 51-63 2007-2008 Tommy Morgenstern
Rupert Penry-Jones Adam Carter † Head of Department Section D. 3-7 17-57 2004-2008 Alexander Doering
Anna Chancellor Juliet Shaw National Security Coordinator 4-6 27-54 2005-2007 Heike Schroetter
Raza Jaffrey Zafar Younis † Junior Agent of Section D. 2-6 26-47 2004-2007 Karlo Hackenberger
Rory MacGregor Colin Wells † Technicians and data analysts of Section D. 1-5 2-37 2002-2006 Jan Kurbjuweit
Olga Sosnovska Fiona Carter † MI6 agent 3-4 20-33 2004-2005 Gundi Eberhard
Shauna Macdonald Sam Buxton Analysis staff member of Section D of MI5 2-3 7-26 2003-2004 Tina Haseney
David Oyelowo Danny Hunter † Junior Agent of Section D. 1-3 1-26 2002-2004 Bernhard Völger
Keeley Hawes Zoe Reynolds Junior Agent of Section D. 1-3 1-22 2002-2004 Silke Matthias
Matthew Macfadyen Tom Quinn Head of operations and senior agent of Section D. 1-3, 10 1-18, 86 2002-2004, 2011 Marcus Off
Megan Dodds Christine Dale CIA agent 1-3 1-17 2002-2004 Debora refuses
Natasha Little Vicki Westbrook Quinn's ex-girlfriend 2 7-12 2003 Cathlen Gawlich
Jenny Agutter Tessa Phillips Senior Agent of Section D. 1-2 1-15 2002-2003 Ulrike Huebschmann

There are regular guest appearances by well-known actors, such as B. Hugh Laurie , Ian McDiarmid , Jimi Mistry , Andy Serkis , Rupert Graves , Anton Lesser , Alexander Siddig , Benedict Cumberbatch and Anthony Stewart Head .


Great Britain

The series ran in the UK between May 2002 and October 2011. It aired ten seasons. In August and September 2008, six episodes of Spooks: Code 9 , a spin-off of the series, were broadcast.


In Germany, Spooks has been broadcast under the title Im Visier des MI5 since September 3, 2008 by the FOX Channel . In addition, ZDFneo broadcasts the series on Mondays at 11.20 p.m. under the title Spooks - In the sights of MI5 . The ninth season aired between February 18 and April 15, 2013; the tenth season has aired since April 22, 2013.

Episode list


  • 2003 - BAFTA Awards - Best Drama Series
  • 2003 Royal Television Society Awards - Best Drama Series
  • 2003 Broadcast Awards - Best Drama Series
  • 2003 - BBC Drama Awards - Best Drama
  • 2003 - BBC Drama Awards - Best Drama Website
  • 2008 - BAFTA Awards - BAFTA for interactivity for the Spooks Interactive website

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