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Stock exchanges newspaper
Börsen-Zeitung (2020-06-23) .svg
description German daily newspaper
language German
publishing company Association of publishers Wertpapier-Mitteilungen
Keppler, Lehmann GmbH & Co. KG
Headquarters Frankfurt am Main
First edition February 1, 1952
Frequency of publication Tuesday to Saturday
Editor-in-chief Claus Döring
executive Director Axel Harms, Torsten Ulrich, Dr. Jens Zinke
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The Börsen-Zeitung is the only daily newspaper in Germany that is exclusively geared to the financial sector and reports on current market developments in German and international financial centers .


In addition to its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main, the Börsen-Zeitung has editorial offices in Berlin , Düsseldorf , Hamburg , Munich and Stuttgart as well as Brussels , London , New York , Madrid , Milan , Paris , Shanghai , Tokyo , Washington, DC and Zurich . The newspaper does not publish a circulation number.


The Börsen-Zeitung was founded in order to contribute to "stimulating and promoting the stock exchange business", as it was called in the editorial of the first edition of February 1, 1952. At that time, the Wertpapier-Mitteilungen publishing group, which had existed since 1947 and was made up of the Frankfurter Kreditinstitute interest group and the Lehmann and Keppler families of publishers, decided to convert the publishing program, which had previously focused on the administration and processing of banks' securities, into a daily newspaper with information to be added to the securities business.

The focus of the Börsen-Zeitung in the 1950s was on the capital markets, the first issues mainly consisted of reports from the German regional stock exchanges . In the early years, the editorial section of the Börsen-Zeitung was limited to one or two pages. The remaining pages were reserved for the course lists . Since then, the scope has grown steadily as market activity and reporting have increased continuously. With the advance of globalization , the perspective has become increasingly international, and the increased interest in the financial markets and their rapid development is reflected in today's editions with 28 to 32 pages.

The articles in the Börsen-Zeitung that have been published since 1995 can be researched in the GBI-Genios online archive .

Editorial focus

The focus of the reporting in the form of news, analyzes, comments and background reports range from listed companies to the credit and insurance industry, international financial institutions, German and global capital markets to monetary policy as well as economic and financial policy . The relevance of information for the financial markets is the selection criterion for reporting, which is characterized by a special dedication to economic detail . From the beginning, the Börsen-Zeitung addressed the specific interests of experts and decision-makers. This means that the Börsen-Zeitung is purely a subscription newspaper and is only offered at selected kiosks.

The extensive price and table section for securities prices and investment fund prices rounds off this complete offer. Before dissemination of market information via the Internet, the course was part of the Börsen-Zeitung , the most comprehensive source for price information on the German stock exchanges . Today the courses and prices for subscribers can be researched online in the securities information system BZ WPI . The paper is the official publication organ of all German stock exchanges. On the evening before each day of publication, the Börsen-Zeitung reports are made available in full text with article and full-page PDFs on the Internet to a closed user group in the electronic product “”. “” is supplemented in the early afternoon by the financial advertisements of the current issue.

Further print publications of the Börsen-Zeitung :

  • Yield - the investment magazine of the Börsen-Zeitung (monthly)
  • numerous special and publishing supplements (ongoing throughout the year)

In addition, the Börsen-Zeitung publishes two newsletters:

  • Rules & Regulations, the regulation newsletter of the Börsen-Zeitung (fortnightly)
  • Funds & Finances, the asset management newsletter of the Börsen-Zeitung (fortnightly)

The Börsen-Zeitung , which appears in the publishing group Wertpapier-Mitteilungen, Keppler, Lehmann GmbH & Co. KG, WM Group, also includes WM Datenservice, the leading German information service for appointment and master data for securities administration and processing. The service also assigns securities identification numbers (WKN / ISIN) in Germany.


  • Claus Döring , Ernst Padberg (ed.): Reading with profit: 50 years of the Börsen-Zeitung . Verlag Börsen-Zeitung, Frankfurt am Main 2002, ISBN 3-921696-73-9 .

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