The first tractor

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“The first tractor” by Vladimir Krichatski

The first tractor ( Russian Первый трактор ) was the name of various pictures in the style of socialist realism that portray the beginnings of collectivization in the USSR. Usually these show the Fordson tractor, which was initially imported and later produced in the Soviet Union. This tractor was the best propaganda about the merits of mechanization and collectivization of agriculture, and so it was often seen on posters and paintings of the period.

Other types of works of art from this period also bear the title "The First Tractor":

  • Vladimir Gavrilowitsch Krichatski (Владимир Гаврилович Крихацкий), painting
  • Ivan Alexejewitsch Mikhailin (Иван Алексеевич Михайлин), painting
  • Vladimir Vasilyevich Yeltschaninow (Владимир Васильевич Ельчанинов), painting
  • Boris Alexandrowitsch Goller (Борис Александрович Голлер), play
  • Lyudmila Nikolajewa Kostina (Людмила Николаевна Костина), painting
  • Viktor Efimowitsch Zigal (Виктор Ефимович Цигаль), painting
  • Valentin Sergejewitsch Chekmassow (Валентин Сергеевич Чекмасов), painting
  • Maxim Maximowitsch Pavlov (Максим Максимович Павлов), bone carving
  • Tamar Grigoryevna Abakelia (Тамара Григорьевна Абакелия), painting

Another aspect of the time associated with the “first tractor” is that in these revolutionary times it was fashionable to give your children acronyms as names, for example “Wladlen” for “ Wlad imir Len in ” or “Wilor” for " W ladimir I ljitsch L enin - O rganisator the R evolution". This is how the first name "Dasdrapertrak" ("Даздрапертрак"), meaning "Long live the first tractor!" ("Да здравствует первый трактор!") Was created.

Individual evidence

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