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The German Society for Supervision and Coaching e. V. (short: DGSv) is both a professional representation of supervisors and coaches in Germany as well as a scientific professional association for all people working in research and teaching in the field of supervision in Germany, based in Cologne . Founded as the German Society for Supervision, the association has also had coaching in its name since 2016.


The association was founded in 1989 by around 40 consultants who offered and developed their services based on the concept of supervision. It is the only association for supervision in Germany and therefore combines professional-political and subject-related tasks under one roof. The association has had an office with full-time employees since 1994. The DGSv is a member of the European umbrella organization of the Association of National Organizations for Supervision in Europe (ANSE), the Association Forum Supervision, the German Society for Advice and the German Association for Public and Private Welfare.

Structure of the association


The association represents around 4,600 supervisors, coaches and 35 legal members. The legal members are mainly training companies, universities or academies that train supervisors and coaches, provide supervision or do research in this topic.


The highest body of the registered association is the general assembly. This elects the DGSv board every three years. The honorary board currently consists of five people:

  • Petra Beyer, chairwoman
  • Ina Kramer, chairwoman
  • Frank Austermann, board member
  • Kati Bond, board member
  • Ronny Jahn, board member

In addition to the board of directors, it is primarily the responsibility of the members of the development commission to take care of what, according to their own statements, is the central task of the association of safeguarding and further developing quality standards and regulations.

Other bodies

There are further committees within the DGSv to carry out further tasks and to strengthen the internal network. In addition to the association forum and temporary specialist and project groups, networks are particularly important for cooperation within the association.


The association has had its own office since 1994. With a total of ten full-time employees, all association business is carried out there and the resolutions of the bodies are implemented accordingly. The organs and committees of the DGSv also meet there regularly.

tasks and goals

The association sees its tasks as promoting the development of concepts for supervision, coaching and consulting, ensuring quality in training and practice, strengthening the position of supervision in the consulting market and representing the interests of supervisors.

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