German Association of the Hard of Hearing

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The German Association for the Hard of Hearing (DSB) is a German self-help organization for the disabled.

The first local association was founded in 1901 by Baroness Margarethe von Witzleben in Berlin . The highest award of the DSB, the Margarethe von Witzleben Medal, which still exists today, was named after her, which is awarded for outstanding commitment to the well-being of deaf and hard-of-hearing people.

As a nationwide self-help organization, the DSB represents the interests of hard of hearing and deaf people in social, medical, technical and legal terms.

After the union with the Federation of the Hard of Hearing from the GDR on May 2, 1991, the association is represented in all federal states. The DSB office is centrally located in Berlin. The DSB maintains hearing advice and information centers in many cities, as well as numerous advice centers at the municipal level that have been set up in recent years and are constantly being expanded.

The DSB offers effective help for self-help through supported rehabilitation measures .

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