German Terminology Day

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The German Terminology Day eV (short DTT) is a German professional and advocacy group for terminology . The DTT was founded in 1987 and is based in Cologne.

The purpose is to show ways to improve specialist communication through terminology work. It sees itself as a forum for dealing with terminological issues and supports individuals, companies and government agencies at home and abroad in the field of terminology through advice and coordination. The DTT works with other institutions and associations active in the field of terminology, such as the Council for German-speaking Terminology (RaDT), Infoterm , TermNet , tekom , BDÜ or the European Association for Terminology (EAFT).

The German Institute for Terminology eV emerged from a group of experts within the association , in which representatives from practice and teaching come together. Among other things, it acts as a technical advisory board for the DTT and, together with the DTT, advises on terminological questions.

At two-year intervals, the association organizes symposia on terminological issues and current topics in terminology work. In addition, the DTT organizes advanced training events and issues specialist publications on a regular basis, including the conference proceedings for the above-mentioned symposia, the terminology journal edition and a best-practice guide.

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