The hunt for the magical water wheel

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The Hunt for the Magic Waterwheel (original title: Den korsikanske Biskopen ) is a Swedish children's series from 1993. The original version consists of four three-quarter-hour episodes and was produced by Søren Kragh-Jacobsen .


The children Kalle Magnusson and Max Olsen spend their summer holidays on a Swedish island. Kalle is informed about a magical water wheel by his late father Folke Magnusson on a video. Here he learns that this water wheel is called "The Corsican Bishop" and that it came to light during Folke's research work in Sudan. On the video, Folke leaves encrypted information about the current whereabouts of the waterwheel. At the same time, the museum director Doctor Zeth organized the search for the water wheel and would like to claim it for himself. When Kalle and Max go in search of the magical water wheel, they are constantly confronted with Hesse Brandin and Rauni Harkinen. Max finds the water wheel in a sunken plane wreck and brings it to safety with Kalle. More and more frequently, the characters encounter an African magician who appears and disappears like a ghost and thus manipulates the events. Then Kalle and Max learn that the magical water wheel has hydrokinetic powers and can create water out of nowhere. Kalle and Max find that they are not safe in the holiday home and, together with their friend Isabella and the waterwheel, flee from persecution. The three children flee from a church to an amusement park to a ship harbor and are separated in this persecution. Max and Isabella are locked up by Harkinen. After Brandin gains Kalle's trust, Kalle and Brandin go in search of the other two children. They find Max and Isabella in a container and free them. These four characters then pursue the crook Harkinen, for whom the museum director Zeth is waiting in an abandoned museum. There the African magician also meets and takes action against the theft of the water wheel. In the end, Kalle entrusts the water wheel to the African magician.

Roles and actors

roll actor
Kalle Oliver Loftéen
Max David Fornander
Isabella Jenny Lindroth
Hesse Brandin Åke Lindmann
Rauni Harkinen Krister Henriksson
Doctor Zeth Jan Malmsjö
African magician Maxim Bonjour Ngcobo


The director of the series The Hunt for the Magic Waterwheel is the Dane Søren Kragh-Jacobsen . Jacob Groth composed the music for this series . The executive producer is Anders Granström, the production manager is Erich Hörtnagl. The cities of Rome, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsingborg, Helsingör, Skagen and Fiskebäckskil were used as filming locations for this series.

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