Political opinion

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Political opinion

description German magazine for politics, society, religion and culture
publishing company OS-Fromm (DE)
First edition 1956
founder Otto Lenz, Erich Peter Neumann
Frequency of publication bi-monthly
Editor-in-chief Bernd Lohmann
editor Konrad Adenauer Foundation
executive Director Constantine Otto
Web link kas.de
ISSN (print)

The Political Opinion is a bimonthly publication for politics, society, religion and culture. It is edited by Bernhard Vogel and Norbert Lammert for the Konrad Adenauer Foundation . Bernd Löhmann has been the editor-in-chief since 2012 .

The first edition of Political Opinion appeared in 1956. According to the preface of the first edition, the magazine wants to “tackle all the burning questions of the time and raise them beyond the polemics and quick assessment of the day to a fundamental analysis and statement.” Otto Lenz , who among other things was State Secretary had been in the Federal Chancellery, and Erich Peter Neumann , co-founder of the Institute for Demoskopie Allensbach, laid the foundations for the magazine.

The special editions of Political Opinion, which have been appearing since 2014, are dedicated to contemporary historical topics and work out the current references to historical events. Published so far:

  • The legacy of violence - the catastrophe of the First World War
  • The miracle of Berlin - the fall of the wall and how it has changed Germany to this day
  • Adenauer - The bourgeois revolutionary
  • Martin Luther - arguable and controversial
  • Ludwig Erhard - Germany's greatest encourager
  • Helmut Kohl - For Germany. For Europe

In January 2016, the magazine rejected one against the background of European refugee crisis ordered items of the ancient historian Alexander Demandt about the late antique barbarian invasions and the fall of the Roman Empire down because she feared "he might be misinterpreted in the current political situation." The article then appeared "in full length" in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and sparked a debate.

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  1. The Legacy of Violence - The Catastrophe of World War I
  2. The Miracle of Berlin - The Fall of the Wall and how it changed Germany to this day
  3. Adenauer - The bourgeois revolutionary
  4. Martin Luther - arguable and controversial
  5. Alexander Demandt: Fall of the Roman Empire. The end of the old order. In: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung , January 23, 2016
  6. Katerina Selin: German historian Alexander Demandt calls for tougher action against refugees . World Socialist Web Site, February 18, 2016
  7. Holger Thünemann: Historia Magistra Vitae? The Banality of Easy Answers . In: Public History Weekly , February 4, 2016