The world of Islam

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The world of Islam

description Dutch science magazine
Area of ​​Expertise Islamic Studies
language English, German, French
publishing company Brill
First edition 1913
founder Martin Hartmann
Frequency of publication four times a year
editor Rainer Brunner
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Die Welt des Islams, International Journal for the Study of Modern Islam is a specialist journal on Islamic studies published by Brill Verlag in the Netherlands and edited by Rainer Brunner.

Articles in English, German and French can be published in the journal.

The world of Islam has been published since 1913 and was published by the German Society for Islamic Studies from 1913 to 1955 . The initiative to found the magazine came from Martin Hartmann , who until his death in 1918 also wrote the largest number of articles for the magazine.

The subject of the magazine has been the Islamic world since the end of the 18th century.

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