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La Discrétion (Claude Marie Dubufe, France, approx. 1820–1827)

Today, discretion is colloquially used synonymously with the term secrecy . Discretion describes the ability and skill to maintain confidentiality ( secrecy ), for example, of spoken and written. Discretion and secrecy are regarded as positive behaviors and character traits. Indiscretion , the violation of confidentiality and the passing on of information to persons for whom it is not intended are considered an anonymous (opposite term) .

The suggested retail virtue of discretion is clearly separated from the duty of confidentiality (secrecy), the legal obligation for certain professionals that keep their trusts for themselves.

Original meaning

Derived from the term is discretio , a fundamental concept in the monastery life of the Benedictine . The original word meaning of discernere is to distinguish . The discretio was therefore the art and gift of wise distinction, which avoids the too much and the too little and seeks the right measure in everything. For Benedict of Nursia , discretio was the mother of all virtues.

Discretion in business life

In business life it is expected of an employer or the state that employees handle confidential business data accordingly. Data that should be treated discreetly would be wages, customer data, trade secrets, etc. Data protection laws regulate the lawful handling of customer data . The employer prescribes the handling of company data; violations in this area can result in termination for the employee. For business, indiscretion can also mean economic damage.

Discretion in private life

Discretion in private life consists largely of trust and respect. Certain information is not intended for the general public, but is only exchanged in a limited circle. If a person opens up to a friend and, for example, tells private problems, he trusts that the friend will keep them to himself. If the trustworthy person acts contrary to this, there is a breach of trust and he has not respected the limits given to him.

This also applies to people who work professionally in a private environment and inevitably learn personal details, such as domestic staff such as butlers or housekeepers . Here discretion is expected about all events in the private life of your employer and is usually also agreed in the employment contract.

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