Draw (poker)

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The hand 5 6 has a straight draw in this situation

A draw ( [dɹɔ] ; English “Zug”, “to draw” ) in poker is an incomplete poker hand , in which one or more cards are usually missing so that it can be completed.


A draw is given, for example, if a player four cards of the road has and it still lacks in order to make it complete ( straight draw ). If he lacks the fifth of four cards of the same suit to form a flush , he has a flush draw.

Drawing dead

A poker hand is called drawing dead when none of the cards still to be dealt can contribute to improving the player's hand in such a way that it can win over the opposing hand or hands. He can only achieve success by bluffing and / or by giving up prematurely.

Draw poker

In the draw poker variant , the game phase in which the other players are allowed to swap cards is referred to as draw.

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