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Compressed air blasting with solid blasting media is used to treat surfaces through the action of various blasting media, which are accelerated by compressed air as it flows through a nozzle. The impact of the blasting media on the surface of the workpiece to be processed (blasting material) can:

  • the surface condition of the blasting material through cleaning (cleaning blasting),
  • the roughness of the surface through forming , partly combined with machining (surface finishing blasting),
  • the property of the blasting material layer near the surface (peening),
  • the workpiece shape through reshaping ( reshaping blasting)

to be changed.

The process is mainly used in the preparation of metal surfaces for subsequent coating processes, such as B. anti-rust coatings , paintwork , adhesive primers, galvanizing or plastic coatings and can also be used on workpieces that have different degrees of rust in different places. It is also suitable for cleaning workpieces and constructions of all types and sizes.

The advantages of compressed air blasting with solid blasting media are, in addition to the low investment required, flexibility with regard to the selection of blasting media, easy maintenance, quick blasting media changes and high cleaning performance.

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