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description Technology magazine
language German
publishing company VGN Medien Holding
GmbH. (Austria)
First edition 2000
Frequency of publication per month
Sold edition 40,728 copies
Editor-in-chief Goran Miletić
editor Horst Pirker
executive Director GF VGN: Horst Pirker (CEO & Chair), Claudia Gradwohl (CHRO), Susanne Herczeg (CFO & Prok.)
Web link www.e-media.at

e-media is an Austrian computer magazine and appears monthly in VGN Medien Holding . The editor-in-chief is Goran Miletic.


In addition to computer-related content, the magazine also publishes articles on hi-fi, telecommunications and household appliances. Product tests are also an integral part of the magazine and website.

The magazine is divided into four sections.

  • Cool tool : presentation of new products
  • Test + tip : Product and comparison tests
  • Intelligent : Background reports on current technology trends and enables a glimpse into the future
  • Web + App : Reports on smartphone apps and web offers

In addition to the website e-media.at , which u. a. If you have access to the test reports, the brand’s content is supplemented by the e-trend special issues and the e-commerce guide . The e-trend reports on developments in information technology in relation to the B2B area. The guide serves as a guide for online trading.


e-media was founded in 2000. The inspiration for this was the technology section of the TV magazine tv-media , which became more and more extensive and finally formed the starting signal for e-media as a decoupling. In the years that followed, the user perspective moved more into focus than pure technology reporting. In 2015 the magazine was extensively relaunched and the range of topics significantly expanded.


With a circulation of 38,000 (source: ÖAK), the magazine and website reach around 159,000 readers. The e-media brand achieved a reach of 2.1 percent (source: media analysis).  

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