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A computer magazine is a magazine which usually issues about hardware and software of computers busy. But it also contains articles on related technical issues, such as digital photography , multimedia or digital data relevant political discussions. There are also specialized magazines on the Internet . The first computer magazines emerged as supplements to electronics magazines.

Computer magazines in German-speaking countries

Situation in Germany

Edition development

In 2006, for the first time, more copies of computer magazines were returned unsaleable (i.e. returned by dealers and then normally destroyed) than actually sold by retailers (source: IVW ). Since 2001 the retail circulation has fallen by over 2 million copies, which corresponds to a loss of 40%. In the same period, the proportion of unsalable magazines was reduced by at least 12%. From 2011 to 2016, the number of copies sold in Germany fell by 60% and was less than 1.2 million copies, which the market leader Computerbild alone sold in 1999.

Ad development

A main source of income for the computer magazines are the advertising advertisements from dealers , manufacturers and service companies. Retailers are increasingly advertising on price comparison sites as well as directly in search engines such as Google , Yahoo and MSN . Manufacturers concentrate on interactive forms of advertising such as webcasts and white paper integrations, their in- house exhibitions and other industry events.

The advertising industry is reacting to this long-lasting negative trend and already booked magazines cautiously in 2005 and 2006. This effect continued in 2007, as the Association of Magazine Publishers documented: “The 2007 advertising year began very cautiously for magazines. Compared to the previous year, the general-interest magazines recorded a 4.5 percent decline in advertising pages in January 2007. That comes from the Central Advertisement Statistics (ZAS) published on Friday by the VDZ Association of German Magazine Publishers . "

List of relevant computer magazines in German-speaking countries

Due to the large number of related journals, only magazines with their own Wikipedia article are listed here.

Active magazines Discontinued or integrated into other magazines

General topics

Specialized magazines for programming and software development

Other journals

Unix / Linux

Special magazines

Computer games

Foreign language computer magazines

Future of the market segment

The market segment is subject to constantly increasing segmentation in both the distribution market and the advertising market and has to deal with constantly rising printing costs, distribution costs and falling income. The increasing reach of online media and the fact that a majority of workers in industrial countries use a computer for their work create increasing pressure to change. This is also in the minds of the editors.

The last editor-in-chief before PC Professionell was hired speaks about this in his relaunch blog:

“Everything that is in a magazine is a few weeks old. Layout, production, printing, delivery to the kiosk - that takes far too long compared to the speed of the Internet ... Online and print are simply two different media, each with specific strengths and weaknesses. With the new PC Professionell, we want to concentrate on the strengths of print and offer the reader what online cannot or cannot do. "

On the occasion of the VDZ conference on the future of print media, the managing director of PC-Welt, Mac-Welt and some other publications said that IDG had only just had to discontinue a print publication in the USA: “As an IT publisher, I don't have time . “His target group migrates to the internet much faster than the average of the population.

According to a report by t3n magazine , the future of computer magazines lies more in a clear positioning and differentiation from other media.


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