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mc: Computer practice for technical users

description Computer technology magazine
language German
publishing company Franzis-Verlag (Germany)
First edition 1981
Frequency of publication per month
Editor-in-chief Ulrich Rohde
ZDB 786316-0
Logos of the magazine

The magazine mc was a German-language computer magazine that appeared monthly from January 1981 to at least October 1996.

“Mc” stood for microcomputer, which was also reflected in the 1980s subtitle Die Mikrocomputer-Zeitschrift . It was co-founded by Herwig Feichtinger , who was initially also editor-in-chief, and at that time cost 6.00 to 6.50 DM. The mc arose from a permanent section of the Funkschau . In the meantime the subtitle has been changed to computer practice for the technical user , and finally to cross- system, technically oriented know-how . With the July 1994 edition it appeared only as a supplement to the magazine DOS International , but still had a length of around 45 pages. From 1992 to 1993 a total of five special issues with the title WINbox were published. Special magazine for Windows users .

The editor and later chief editor of the magazine mc was Ulrich Rohde , who in 1983 also co-founded the WDR Computer Club. The mc was initially published by Franzis-Verlag , from July 1994 in the form of an insert from DMV Verlag as mc extra .

The mc dealt with computer topics, networks, hardware, databases and programming. In the last editions there were the rubrics “Basics”, “Programming”, “Technology Report” and “Test”, in which articles were written as introductions or summaries on the respective topic in the style of scientific journals. The editorial team was made up of scientists.

One of the magazine's best-known projects was a single-board computer called EMUF based on the 6504 microprocessor .

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