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Cover of the funkschau issue 7/2019
radio show

description Trade journal
Area of ​​Expertise Professional IT and telecommunications
language German
publishing company WEKA Fachmedien GmbH (Germany)
Headquarters hair
First edition 1928
Frequency of publication 24 issues + 13 special issues
Sold edition 5,190 copies
( IVW  QQ3 / 2018)
Widespread edition 35,577 copies
( IVW  QQ3 / 2018)
Editor-in-chief Stefan Adelmann
Web link
ZDB 213995-9

funkschau is a specialist magazine of the WEKA publishing group (formerly from Franzis Verlag ) on all topics of IT and telecommunications as well as digitalization in the corporate environment in general. The main focus areas include data centers, cloud solutions, network infrastructure, telecommunications, cybersecurity and all aspects of digital workplace infrastructure (“Digital Workplace”).

Today funkschau is aimed at ITK specialists and decision-makers such as IT managers, CIOs, CTOs and system administrators, but also at managing directors, board members and department heads.

funkschau is published monthly as a print edition in A4 format, in addition to the master books there are special editions on individual subject areas. Funkschau's digital presence includes online reporting, an e-mail newsletter and other digital publications. According to IVW , the magazine has a widespread circulation of 35,577 copies, the online presence on monthly visits amounting to 50,861.

The magazine was founded in 1929. In its early days, it was a journal for technically interested radio listeners and electronics hobbyists, and from the late 1940s to the 1980s it became a specialist journal for radio and television retailers and the service staff working there. It offered retailers a practical overview of current and future technologies.

The radio show on the work table of ultrasound pioneer and company founder Walter Herrmann

In the 1980s, the paper published programs in BASIC that could be typed in by hand. This part was eventually outsourced to the publisher's magazine mc .

Between 1966 and 1980, Karl Tetzner was the editor-in-chief of funkschau. The magazine doubled its circulation to 100,000 copies. Today's editor-in-chief is Stefan Adelmann (as of the end of 2018).

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