Windows specifically

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Windows specifically

description German computer magazine
Area of ​​Expertise Computer science, Microsoft Windows
language German
publishing company DMV data and media publishing house, Poing (Germany)
First edition 1993
attitude 1995
Frequency of publication per month
Range 0.4 million readers
( AWA analysis, p. 2 [2] )
ZDB 1167367-9

Windows Specifically, it was a computer magazine focusing on Microsoft Windows .

It appeared in the DMV publishing house for the first time with issue 11 in 1993. The magazine emerged from the computer magazine "WinDOS", which was an offshoot of the DOS International magazine . After disputes in the first edition (10/1993) about the actually planned name "Windows World" (because of the similarity to the name of PC-Welt ) the magazine was finally christened "Windows Konkret". In April 1995 it became known that Windows Konkret and Play Time had the largest percentage loss of circulation among computer magazines. The last issue was 4/1995. The magazine went into the PC-user magazine of the same publisher.

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