iX - magazine for professional information technology

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iX - magazine for professional information technology
iX logo
description Computer magazine
Area of ​​Expertise Information technology
language German
publishing company Heise Zeitschriften Verlag
First edition 1988
Frequency of publication per month
Editor-in-chief Jürgen Seeger
editor Christian Heise , Ansgar Heise
Web link www.ix.de
ISSN (print)

The iX - magazine for professional information technology , founded in 1988 , is a German computer magazine . The edition is published by Heise-Zeitschriften-Verlag . It has around 170 pages and appears monthly.

The target group are professional administrators and programmers . In contrast to its sister magazine c't , iX mainly targets specialist readers. The advertising slogan “Not everyone understands - it's better that way” tries to sharpen this distinction in an elite-building way.

According to our own presentation, the name iX is derived from the Unix operating system .

Areas and their focus

  • Market and trends - Commented market developments and trade fairs
  • Title - The IT Topic of the Month
  • Review - hardware and software tests
  • Report - focuses on law, security and operating systems
  • Knowledge - basic information on specific techniques
  • Practice - tutorials with a focus on programming, server administration
  • Media - book market overview, book reviews and internet information

Circulation statistics

In the fourth quarter of 2015, the average monthly circulation according to IVW was 35,065 copies. That is 1.18 percent (420 issues) less than in the same quarter of the previous year. The number of subscribers fell within a year by 1.27 percent to 31,148 subscribers. This means that 88.8 percent of readers subscribed to the magazine.

Number of issues distributed monthly

Figures for the fourth quarter.

Number of subscriptions sold each month

Figures for the fourth quarter.


  • When the journal Input 64, which appeared on data carriers, was discontinued in 1988, the editorial team of this journal took over the publication of iX as a new project . At first the iX appeared irregularly as a special edition of the c't .
  • The address of the website “www.ix.de” was a special feature. The second-level domain ix.de was one of three domains of the top-level domain “.de” with only two letters until October 2009 . This was because it was registered before the no longer valid minimum length of three characters was introduced (the other two were db.de and hq.de).
  • The Dutch edition ix - Magazine voor professionele informatietechnologie in Dutch, launched in 2006, appeared for four issues every two months and was discontinued due to low sales figures.


  • Jürgen Seeger: Interim balance. 30 years of IT reporting . In: iX . 13 (special issue), 2019, p. 154–159 ( heise.de [accessed on August 24, 2019] also contains an overview of the iX editorial team).

Web links

  • ix.de - Official website of iX.

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