Amiga magazine

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Amiga magazine

description Computer magazine
Area of ​​Expertise Commodore Amiga
language German
publishing company Markt + Technik Verlag
WEKA Holding (Germany)
Headquarters Poing
First edition 1987
attitude July 2009
Frequency of publication per month
ISSN (print)

The Amiga-Magazin was a computer magazine published by Markt + Technik Verlag from 1987 to 2009 that dealt with the home computer Commodore Amiga .

In contrast to Amiga Games or Amiga Joker , which dealt with current Amiga games, the main focus of the Amiga magazine was on all categories of application software and on the hardware of the Amiga. The first edition appeared in 1987, shortly after the Amiga 500 was launched in Germany. The magazine, which at times reached a volume of more than 300 pages per issue, appeared as an independent magazine until the 01/1998 issue. Since then it has appeared first as a 32-, then briefly 8- and finally again a 16-page supplement to the PCgo magazine , which is published by the same publisher.

The last issue was number 07/2009, after which the magazine was discontinued for economic reasons.


In addition to presentations and tests of hardware and software, there were often programming competitions or program listings to type in.

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