Schiele & Schön

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Schiele & Schön

legal form GmbH
founding 1946
Seat Berlin
management Harald Rauh, Dr. Hans-Gerd Conrad
Number of employees 25th
Branch media
Status: 2019

The specialist publisher Schiele & Schön publishes magazines , books and digital media . It is based in Berlin .


The range of topics covered by the publisher includes the areas of film, TV & photo, fashion, sustainable construction and construction planning as well as the foundry industry . The range of (specialist) magazines and books has been expanded over time to include digital media such as e-books , e-papers , DVDs and apps . Since July 2018, the publisher has been offering events for industry and associations under the "Schöne Events" brand .


The Schiele & Schön publishing house was founded in 1946. The military government of the American zone in Berlin allowed Otto Schiele and Willi Schön to publish “technical works and related literature” from December 16, subject to certain conditions.

The first specialist books, such as the debut book “Cost Determination for Debris Removal Work”, followed in 1947 with the first scientific specialist journal entitled “Frequency”. Their circulation was 7000 copies, all of which could be sold.

In the period that followed, the publisher struggled with problems. The procurement of printing paper turned out to be difficult or even impossible in the post-war period and the currency reform in 1948 caused the order situation to collapse. In 1950 the trade journal Gießerei-Praxis was taken over . At the same time, the first annual series of specialist paperbacks began to be published, which was also titled Gießerei-Praxis. From 1952 the "textile industry" followed, from 1954 "machine tools and tools" and from 1959 the "telecommunication praxis", which appears today as " Telekom Praxis ".

The basis for the continuation of these series, but also for the inclusion of new titles in the range of books, was the takeover of the respective departments for technical books of the publishers Westphal (1959) and Hellmuth Lange (1964). To date, a total of 13 monthly magazines have been included in the repertoire, among them "Fernmelde-Praxis" since 1959 and " Schmalfilm " from 1964 .

In 2002, the publishing house, which had previously been run as a family company, was sold. The new management decided to take over FKT , the association magazine of the cinema and television technology company , from the Heidelberger Verlag Hüthig GmbH & Co. KG. In 2005, the trade journal "Elektromagazin", founded in 1955, was handed over to the magazine department of the de Gruyter publishing group . Since 2006, the publisher has also published the Deutsche IngenieurBlatt published by the Federal Chamber of Engineers . In 2007, the specialist magazine PC & MUSIK was taken over. In 2008, the greenBUILDING magazine was founded , which deals with the topic of sustainable building and planning. In 2017 the publisher is expanding its product range to include congresses and events.

executive Director

  • 1946 Foundation of the publishing house by Otto Schiele and Willi Schön
  • 1957 Gerd Bucerius takes over Otto Schiele's stake
  • 1967 Appointment of Peter Schön, Willi Schön's son, as co-owner of the company
  • 2002 Acquisition of the publishing house and management by Karl-Michael Mehnert and Harald Rauh
  • 2018 Hans-Gerd Conrad joins the group of shareholders and management


The magazines distributed in recent years are:

  • Deutsches IngenieurBlatt - (Members' magazine, published by the Federal Chamber of Engineers )
  • FKT - (specialist magazine for broadcast technology in the field of film and television and member magazine of the FKTG )
  • Giesserei-Praxis - (specialist journal in the field of foundries) with die casting as a supplement (5 times a year)
  • greenbuilding - (trade journal for sustainable planning and construction) - integrated into the website as a digital magazine in 2020
  • vdt magazin - (member magazine , published by the Association of Tonmeister )
  • zoom - (The Filmmakers' Magazine) - discontinued in 2016
  • videofilmen - (magazine for active amateur filmmakers) - discontinued in 2017
  • camera - (take your picture) - set
  • t & m - (technology & management - member magazine of the Association of German Industrial Engineers) - discontinued

Selected book publications

  • Hasse, Stephan (Ed.) : Foundry Lexicon
  • Brunhuber / Schiemenz : Foundry specialist dictionary
  • Ilgeroth / Müller / Abo-Dabach : Spreadsheets for road and civil engineering
  • Jansen, Rüdiger : system section vol. 1 + 2
  • Krause / Lenning : Little costume studies
  • Olesen, Günther : Spreadsheets building construction
  • Hasse, Stephan : Pocket book of foundry practice
  • Loy, Walter : Pocket book for the textile industry
  • Transfer Media : HD Production Manual 2013
  • Chion, Michel : Audio-Vision
  • Kandorfer, Pierre : Textbook of film design
  • Auhage, Lutz : Super8 Scope: Film experiments
  • Lensing, Jörg U .: Sound design - sound assembly - soundtrack composition

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