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Securities dealers are dealers that the trade with effects operate.


The securities business of credit institutions can generally be divided into three processes, namely the conclusion of the transaction ( English trading ), the settlement of the transaction ( English clearing ) and the delivery and payment ( English settlement ). The Securities Dealers ( English security trader ) are part of the first process. Your trading objects are securities, i.e. marketable securities (especially stocks , bonds and investment certificates ). Securities dealers follow the same trading strategies and use the same trading techniques as other traders . In Germany they are called stock market traders ; the lead brokers that have existed since July 2002 were previously called stock brokers , neither of whom are securities dealers.


In Switzerland , the word securities dealer is a legal term defined by law as "natural and legal persons and partnerships who commercially buy and sell securities on the secondary market for their own account for short-term resale or for the account of third parties , offer them publicly on the primary market or create derivatives themselves and offer it to the public ”( Art. 2 d SESTA ). According to Art. 1 SESTA, the SESTA regulates the supervision of securities dealers for commercial trading in securities and is intended to guarantee investor protection. According to Art. 30 SESTA, securities dealers require a license from FINMA . Authorization requirements include:

  • Internal regulations and an operational organization that ensures compliance with the obligations under the Stock Exchange Act,
  • required minimum capital or provision of appropriate security,
  • Proof of the necessary specialist knowledge of the securities dealer and his responsible employees and
  • the securities dealer, his responsible employees and the relevant shareholders must guarantee that business operations will run smoothly.

FINMA has specified the term “securities dealer” through the characteristics “main activity in the financial sector”, “commercial activity” and “public offering”.

In Austria , as in Germany, there is talk of an exchange trader whose training concludes with a "certified exchange trader". Exchange traders are professionals in the financial industry who try to make a profit by cleverly buying and selling stocks , commodities, and other products. As in Germany, the term stock exchange trader includes more trading objects than just securities.

Floor traders hot in the UK "independent trader " in the USA "floor trader".

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