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Basic data

Current  version 1.8.4
(December 27, 2018)
operating system Unix systems, Windows, Mac OS X
programming language C , Tcl
License GPL ( Free Software )

Eggdrop is one of the first IRC bots that can keep an IRC channel open around the clock and perform special functions when called. He himself is visible like any other user. The development started in 1993 by Robey Pointer. Today the development team consists of over 40 people and a large number of people who have contributed to patches .

In its first versions it was based on the scripting language Tcl , and therefore its scripting interface is still based on this language today. The bot itself is now written in C, which makes it necessary to compile it separately for Linux and Windows.

With the help of the scripting interface, it is possible to write plug-ins for the bot, which has made it one of the most popular as there are a multitude of such extensions for all imaginable tasks. Everything is represented, from reading the current TV program for a broadcaster to small quiz games.

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