Plaque of honor of the Luftgau region XVII

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The Luftgaues XVII honorary plaque was a non-wearable award of the German Air Force during the Second World War , which was donated by the generals of the flak cartillery Friedrich Hirschhauer or Rudolf Bogatsch in 1942 or 1943. Whereby the fact speaks more for 1943, since no realities with the inscription: WAR 1942 exist.

The badge made of zinc has a dark bronze color and shows, within a 6 mm thick border of bay leaves in its upper half, an iron cross with the sovereign badge of the Luftwaffe shown in front of it. Both the Luftwaffe eagle and the Iron Cross are embedded within an octagon that, like the edge of the plaque, consists of laurel ornaments. This is followed by a blank line, which is depicted somewhat raised, on which the name of the borrower and his rank are engraved. Immediately below this is the five-line inscription: FÜR.HERVORRAGENDE / MERDIENSTE / DER.BEFEHLSHABER / IM.LUFTGAU.XVII / KRIEGSJAHR 1943 . Badges with the year 1944 have also become known. The back of the badge is hollow and shows a soldered wire eyelet in the middle for attachment to the wall or the like. Award certificates are not yet known. However, there are certificates of honor that have also been awarded by the commander for outstanding achievements.

Individual evidence

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