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The expression “to have a bird ” means something like “crazy, insane , not quite in your mind”. The form “ having a titmouse ” is also widespread regionally . Showing someone a bird is the gestural equivalent of this idiom.


The term is generally traced back to an old popular belief that small animals, such as birds , have taken up residence in the minds of the insane ; the same idea is also used with the phrase “It's beeping for you!” . The Viennese medical historian Johann Werfring, on the other hand, explains the origin of this expression with the former name "bird heads" for microcephalic people (= people with small heads). In the microcephaly is a development feature in humans (mental retardation), wherein the head has (like the brain) has a comparatively small size.

The variant “having a titmouse” is sometimes interpreted as a corruption of Yiddish mases , “misdeeds”, which in German colloquial language probably also resulted in the expression “antics” (“do not antics”, so “do not make nonsense”).


Slogans used synonymously include “ don't have all the cups in the cupboard ”, “don't (anymore) have all the slats on the fence”, “have a screw loose” and “have a crack in the bowl” and “have a shot”.

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