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A Eisewer , sometimes Eiskahn was a small boat type to the 19th century icy for sawing fairways was used.


On the Elbe and other northern European rivers that regularly freeze over, simple aids such as Eisewer or ice barges have been used to make navigable barges for centuries. The wooden vehicles were operated by a crew of two and cut a distance of around 80 meters per day. The saw mechanism was similar to a frame saw .

Eisewer, for example, were still used in the ice winters of 1845 and 1869/70, when steamers froze on the Elbe. In search of a remedy, cannon strikes were also used and attempts were made to acquire the icebreaker pilot from Russia. It was only the subsequent ice winter, which was considerably more serious, that the Icebreaker Comité was built in Hamburg , which was put into service in December 1871.


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