Elevator pitch

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An elevator pitch , also called elevator speech or elevator statement , is a method for a brief summary of an idea. The focus is on positive aspects such as uniqueness.

The core idea of an "elevator pitches" (on German about Elevator summary ) based on the scenario to meet an important person in an elevator and this then to be able to convince a lift stay of his idea, and above all of their value during the period. If the idea has been presented convincingly enough, the conversation will be continued or you will meet for a further meeting.

Possible uses

The method is intended to attract attention, which results in the following possible uses:

  • Present ideas and learn from reactions
  • Collect suggestions for improvement
  • Request support
  • Prepare decisions


  • The curiosity for the matter is aroused
  • The creator of the elevator pitch is forced to work out the benefits of his idea for the target group
  • Little time is spent creating the message


An elevator pitch is often used in projects or sales discussions , where it is important to formulate ideas precisely and thus get them to the point. Such pitches are used regularly, especially in the agile project and organizational world .


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