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The Ernst Schröder Center (ESZ) is dedicated to conceptual knowledge processing with the help of formal concept analysis , a special field of mathematical order theory . The ESZ was founded in 1993 by Rudolf Wille at the Technical University of Darmstadt (TUD) as a registered association under the name "Ernst Schröder Center for Conceptual Knowledge Processing e. V. “ founded. This name is used to remember Ernst Schröder , who was professor of mathematics at the Technical University of Darmstadt from 1874 to 1876 . With his three-volume main work on algebra of logic, he created one of the foundations for conceptual knowledge processing. In the English-language literature, the ESZ is often referred to as the "Ernst Schröder Center for Conceptual Knowledge Processing".


In the Ernst Schröder Center, human, social and information scientists, mathematicians and computer scientists have come together and set themselves the goal of counteracting the threat of loss of cognitive autonomy through knowledge and information systems that can no longer be controlled by humans. They therefore advocate methods and instruments of conceptual knowledge processing that support people in rational thinking, judging and acting and promote critical discourse.


In its statutes , the ESZ stipulates to promote training, research, development and application in the field of conceptual knowledge processing. For this purpose, seminars , conferences as well as training and advanced training courses are organized. Basically, the center is concerned with a critical inventory, development and communication of results, methods, procedures and programs of conceptual knowledge processing. Specific tasks are:

  • Implementation of seminars, conferences as well as training and further education events on conceptual knowledge processing and its basics
  • Critical inventory, development and presentation of results, methods and software for conceptual knowledge processing
  • Analysis and advice with methods of conceptual knowledge processing
  • Processing and mediation of research and development projects in the field of conceptual knowledge processing


The ESZ holds four scientific events annually. These are held in the form of a colloquium with a seminar from the field of formal concept analysis and related areas such as philosophy, computer science and didactics of mathematics. Further training courses and conferences are held if required. Numerous well-known researchers have lectured at the ESZ such as Karl-Otto Apel and Joseph Weizenbaum .
As of 2013, the list of works from the research group Term Analysis of the ESZ includes over 400 titles.

legal form

The ESZ is a registered non-profit association that is linked to the Technical University of Darmstadt through a cooperation agreement. It supports TUD in teaching and research.

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