Conformity with expectations

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Expectation conformity (from the Latin conformitas “equality”) describes an adapted representation of information of a system for a user, which is uniform and corresponds to the expectations of the user or the general conventions . Applications conform to expectations if they can be operated according to a uniform principle, the processing times are predictable and the orientation is uniform. According to ISO 9241-110, conformity with expectations is a criterion for software ergonomics .

Behavior patterns

Human behavior is influenced by learned behavioral patterns . The behavior of visitors to websites is shaped by various behavioral and learning psychological aspects.


By recognizing learned patterns (consistency), the user can concentrate on the content of the website. Now vary pattern z. B. the navigation options ( inconsistency ), the visitor cannot see any pattern, which makes it difficult to navigate between pages. As a result, the user is more occupied with recognizing or storing patterns than with capturing the content of the page.


Users who have already gained experience with the construction of various websites make demands on the conformity of newly visited websites. Inexperienced users are not entitled to operate a website in this regard.

European Standard

Conformity with expectations is defined in the DIN-ISO 9241-110 standard: “A dialog is in conformity with expectations if it is consistent and corresponds to the characteristics of the user, e. B. his knowledge of the field of work, his training and his experience as well as the generally recognized conventions. "

Examples of conformity with expectations

shopping cart

When shopping in an online shop, experienced users expect the symbol for the shopping cart at a very specific point. If this website cannot meet this expectation, an obstacle will be set up that can lead to the order being canceled. The expectation could be met by the user finding the shopping cart in the top right corner of the website. It is also important that the shopping cart icon on one website is similar to the icon on other websites.


Website operators should avoid underlined words in texts. Users might recognize these as hypertext links. As a result, the website creates an expectation from the user that it does not meet.

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