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One-legged stand mounted on the rear frame
Stand on the post bike

Bicycle stands are components that allow a bicycle to be parked safely .


There are different types of stands that allow a more or less safe parking of a bicycle. They are physically based on the system of the stable tripod together with the bike's wheels. The length and length of the bike stand are decisive. The bike stands very securely on a two-legged stand as long as the floor is flat. This stand lifts a wheel of the bicycle into the air. An extreme version of this can be found on the postal bikes. The majority of the bicycle racks are single-sided, one-legged stands that are attached to the rear frame or in the area of ​​the "parking support" crank . Both tires stay on the ground, the bike is tipped a little and stands on three points together with the bike stand. Problems arise with the type of parking stand with the front wheel. Since it can still hit the ground , it can change the balance of the bike and cause the bike to tip over despite the stand. Depending on the length, the bike is still almost vertical or it is already quite inclined. The length can be adjusted on some bike racks. While driving, the stand is folded into a horizontal position. With the one-legged rear stand (see picture above), if the length is correct, the fewest problems with uneven floors and heavy luggage on the rear rack occur.


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