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Magazine for Family and Law - magazine for legal and judicial practice

description German legal journal
publishing company Luchterhand
First edition 1990
Frequency of publication per month
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The magazine for family and law (FuR), subtitled magazine for legal and judicial practice is a legal journal in the field of family law . The main focus of the magazine is maintenance law .

It has been published monthly since 1990. The publisher is Luchterhand-Verlag Neuwied.

The journal publishes treatises on various sub-areas of family law, and includes documentation (maintenance tables, maintenance guidelines, etc.) and book reviews of a family law nature. A large part is made up of case law, also on maintenance law.

You can refer to individual articles by specifying the abbreviation "FuR", the year and the page. In the case of references to court decisions that have been printed in the FuR, the court is also named.

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