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The list of journals in family law shows published and previously published journals in family law . The subject areas of family law include child law , maintenance law , divorce law and custody and guardianship law . Related topics are, for example, inheritance law , tax law and social law .


Important journals for German family law are:

Abbreviation title from to Remarks
BtPrax Care law practice 1992 today
EzFamR Collection of decisions on family law 1996 today Loose-leaf collection with supplements.
FamRB The family law advisor 2002 today
FamRZ Journal for all family law 1953 today
FF Forum family law 1998 today Up to the June / July 2008 issue under the title Forum Family and Inheritance Law .
FGPrax Practice of voluntary jurisdiction 1995 today Emerging from decisions of the higher regional courts in civil matters .
FK Family law compact 2001 today
FPR Family - partnership - law 1995 2013 published in NZFam magazine
For Family and law 1990 today
JAmt The Youth Welfare Office 1927 today
JZ JuristenZeitung 1951 today
KindPrax Parent law practice 1998 2005
NJW New legal weekly 1947 today
NZFam New journal for family law 2014 today Merger of the journals FPR and FamFR (2009-2013)
OLGZ Decisions of the higher regional courts in civil matters 1965 1994 The successor is the practice of voluntary jurisdiction (FGPrax).
StAZ The registry office 1922 today
ZBlJugR Central newspaper for youth law and youth welfare 1984 2005
ZFE Journal for family and inheritance law 2002 2011 Discontinued 07/2011. Contents continued, among other things, in Family and Law (FuR) .
ZfJ Zentralblatt für Jugendrecht 1924 1983 Originated from Zentralblatt für Jugendrecht und Jugendwohlfahrt .
ZKJ Journal for child law and youth welfare 2006 today The magazine combines the magazines Child Law Practice and Central Gazette for Youth Law .
ZRP Journal of Legal Policy 1968 today


Abbreviation title from to Remarks
EF-Z Journal for family and inheritance law 2006 today
iFamZ Interdisciplinary journal for family law 2006 today


Abbreviation title from to Remarks The practice of family law 2000 today The sheet appears combined in four languages.

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