Journal for all family law

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Journal for all family law

description German trade journal
Area of ​​Expertise Family law
publishing company Gieseking publishing house
First edition 1953
Frequency of publication twice a month
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The journal for the entire family law (FamRZ) is a legal journal. It is the most important specialist journal in the field of family law . These resources include the Children's Law , the right to maintenance , the divorce law as well as of care and guardianship .

It has been published twice a month since 1953. The publisher is Gieseking – Verlag Bielefeld in conjunction with the Scientific Association for Family Law e. V. Bonn. An electronic version has been published annually on CD-ROM since 1994, each of which also contains the full text of several older volumes. All contents of the magazine, going back to 1986, can also be accessed online via the publishing platform "Gieseking-digital".

The journal publishes treatises on various sub-areas of family law (and also, in some cases, inheritance law ), and includes documentation (maintenance tables, maintenance guidelines, etc.) and book reviews of a family law nature. A large part of the journal is made up of case law, essentially all decisions of the federal courts on questions of family law, but also of the lower courts, especially the family and guardianship courts.

You can refer to individual articles by specifying the abbreviation "FamRZ", the year and the page. In the case of references to court decisions that have been printed in the FamRZ, the court is also named.

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