Journal of Legal Policy

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Journal of Legal Policy

description Legal journal
publishing company Publishing house CH Beck
First edition 1968
Frequency of publication eight times a year
Editor-in-chief Tobias Freudenberg , Irina Huth
editor Günter Krings , Brigitte Zypries
Web link Publisher homepage
Bound volumes of the magazine for legal policy in the ZRB Münster.

The magazine for legal policy (ZRP) is a journal that has been published since 1968 and is primarily aimed at lawyers and legal politicians .

The ZRP has been added to the Neue Juristische Wochenschrift (NJW) every month since October 1968 . The reason for the establishment of the magazine were numerous changes in legal policy under the aegis of the then Federal Minister of Justice Gustav Heinemann . Since the beginning of 2013, the ZRP no longer appears as a supplement to the NJW, but must be obtained independently. The editors are Günter Krings and Brigitte Zypries . The editorial office is in Frankfurt am Main .

Authors are primarily legal practitioners . In addition, politicians appear again and again as authors. As a rule, parliamentary or current legal-political processes are taken up; in particular, draft laws are discussed. Each ZRP booklet brings a legal discussion as well as a column “Pros and Cons” to a current question.


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