Festival of the Regions

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Festival of the Regions
Festival of the Regions 2011 / Change, Attnang-Puchheim
Festival of the Regions 2011 / Change, Attnang-Puchheim
General information
place Changing locations in Upper Austria
genre Contemporary art and culture
Website www.fdr.at
Previous venues
2005 Upper Mühlviertel
2007 Kirchdorf an der Krems district
2009 Linz-South
2011 Attnang-Puchheim
2013 Eferding
2015 Ebensee

The Festival of Regions is a contemporary art and culture festival in Austria . It has taken place every two years since 1993 in a specific region in Upper Austria . The festival's projects involve the population in dealing with social, political and artistic issues. In the 12 festival editions from 1993 to 2015, 381 projects from all artistic genres were realized with 15,160 participants.

The festival of the regions is in charge of the festival. The board and the festival management work out a topic for each festival with a public call for proposals and a definition of one or more key regions. In addition to strengthening and promoting regional initiatives in the field of cultural work, one of the aims of the festival is to raise awareness of current artistic developments - with the aspects of communication, open dialogue and the connection between everyday culture and art.

In 2011, the state of Upper Austria awarded the Festival of the Regions the Grand State Prize for initiative cultural work .


The Festival of the Regions emerged in the early 1990s from a widespread unease. Contemporary art forms were only marginally featured in the regional exhibitions conceived annually by the Province of Upper Austria. The Upper Austrian provincial government commissioned its cultural advisory board to investigate how the provincial exhibitions could be reformed.

The regional cultural advisory board set up a working group to develop a new concept, in which protagonists from Upper Austrian cultural initiatives and artists (including Josef Ecker, Hannes Leopoldseder , Wolfgang Preisinger, Franz Prieler, Günther Stockinger, Rainer Zendron ) were represented. A first decision was that the state exhibitions should only take place every two years. Part of the financial savings should be invested in alternative programs that are more focused on everyday culture and art.

For example, a festival was planned that, despite its opening to art, is not aimed at a specialized audience, but rather focuses on the everyday experiences of the population and should be close to the desired audience. The Festival of Regions was founded as a format for lively engagement with the regions and their people, which is interested in current discussions.

In its self-description, the Upper Austrian Regional Cultural Advisory Board describes the establishment of the Festival of Regions as an "outstanding achievement of the Leopoldseder era ".

As the successor to Gottfried Hattinger , Airan Berg has been the artistic director of the Festival of Regions since 2018 .


'Social warmth in conversation' (2019)

The festival always has a motto that is taken up and interpreted by artists.

  • 1993 - The foreign
  • 1995 - hot home
  • 1997 - Art.About.Life - journeys of discovery to everyday wonders
  • 1999 - peripheral zones
  • 2001 - The end of comfort
  • 2003 - The Art of Enmity
  • 2005 - Orderly conditions
  • 2007 - escape routes and dead ends
  • 2009 - normal condition
  • 2011 - change
  • 2013 - digging up
  • 2015 - Shift change - Hackeln (Ebensee)
  • 2017 - Uninvited guests (Marchtrenk)
  • 2019 - Social warmth (Perg)

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